Easy Ways to Wear Tie-dye T-Shirts for Men

A bold, bright complexion might cause a man’s eye to get migraines. Not many people dare to wear tie-dye shirts which are now back in trend. Tie-dye has arguably been a men’s nightmare. A t-shirt with a rotating rainbow pattern dates back long before Woodstock. It may not be the top of the men’s wear list, but the colorful magic of this shirt can be wisely tricked into looking cool! Come on, immediately cheat on how.

Actually the meaning of “Tie-Dye” itself already has a clue in the name. A technique for this resistant dyeing involves parts of the fabric being twisted, tied, or deliberately wrinkled before being soaked in dye. Because the previous t-shirt was tied with rope or rubber, the entire t-shirt left parts of the material that were not exposed to color. Deh created, circular patterns on the t-shirt. Michaelkors Outlet

This technique became popular in the 1960’s thanks to Janis Joplin and John Sebastian. Quickly, tie-dye T-shirts became an important part of the psychedelic style of the 60s to the present day. Today, tie-dye is back in trend thanks to Dior and Prada who recently created their newest collection.

Tips for wearing tie dye fashion items

1. Use as an accessory

Not too brave to wear tie-dye shirts? Men still have many options for choosing accessories that smell tie-dye. It is so trendy, now it seems as if everything is being made into a tie-dye. Socks, bags, scarves, hats, and other options can help you look psychedelic. However, for the most basic choices, you can choose tie-dye socks that can make you look like the ruler of the streets a.k.a Hypebeast!

2. As a substitute for a white shirt

Breaking habits that are too mundane in fashion is an obligatory form of experimentation. You can use a tie-dye shirt or a tie-dye shirt with a suit to come to an art fair or even a fashion week. The key is to stick to a classic suit and tuck a shirt or shirt into your pants. Better not to wear a belt. Complete with chunky shoes for a more urban look.

3. Make a style statement

Are you starting to dare to make tie-dye a style statement? You can start by wearing a tie-dye jacket or shirt and pair it with tie-dye pants! Dare? Or you can also wear a long sleeve tie-dye shirt and pair it with a plain short sleeve shirt. Add a thin necklace accessory, it must be really cool! The important thing, don’t use too many patterns. Make sure the focus of attention is on bright tie-dye colors. Tas Branded

4. Pair tie-dye with streetwear items

The music festival has become the right moment for a show of style for urbanites. However, this fashion phenomenon has its roots in the days of Woodstock, rock and roll psychedelia, and others. To stand out from the others at concerts, you can mix tie-dye tops with streetwear and sportswear fashion items.

You can wear a bucket hat, shorts, sneakers, or a tie-dye hoodie! Because, remember: there are no hard rules in fashion. Everything that smells of hippies doesn’t have to be paired with items that are hippies anyway.

5. Choose a color for a minimalist look

For a more minimalist look, you can choose tie-dye shirts with indigo colors. Or the most popular in Indonesia is the shibori shirt. With the emergence of tie-dye as a trend, you don’t have to go for t-shirts with bright hues and too many colors. Neutral tones will also keep you trendy.

6. Take advantage of tie-dye tote bags

Tie-dye tote bag will be the most practical way for men who want to look more stylish. For best results, I recommend starting with simple clothing and using this tote bag as a statement. Sepatu Branded

7. Flagship tie-dye shoes

Sneakers are definitely one of the mainstay items for many men in all activities. Vans and Converse are now releasing several tie-dye sneakers as well, you know. Wear a plain t-shirt of any color (neutral colors are better) and wear your signature jeans. Next, let the shoes do the talking!

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