Effective and Practical Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Face

Apparently, not only women, men are also quite confused to get rid of stains that stick to the face. Acne and blackheads both interfere with facial hygiene. The number of dead skin cells can also cause blackheads. The most common place visited by blackheads is a nose that has a lot of oil content. Below are five effective ways to expel blackheads specifically for men.

1. Use facial wash soap containing salicylic acid

Washing your face with soap will indeed dry the skin, but in this way blackheads will be easy to disappear. Salicylic acid contained in soap can help the skin to control oily skin. Use facial cleansing soap that can help brighten the face while helping prevent acne if used regularly. The content of salicylic acid, known as an anti-bacterial ingredient, will help reduce excess oil levels, fight acne, blackheads or dark spots, and make pores appear smaller.

2. Through the facial or extraction process

Men also need to do facials to clean the face that can help eliminate stubborn blackheads which are usually found in the nose area. You can extract it directly. To remove blackheads that are in the pores, use a special extraction tool for blackheads which are usually made of stainless steel. Although this method is relatively easy and fast, you need to be careful in maintaining the cleanliness of the extraction device and the fingers that hold it.

Because, if the extraction tool is not electrified beforehand or you squeeze blackheads with dirty fingers, blackheads might actually increase followed by the presence of pimples, you know! To simplify the extraction process, you can first evaporate the face with hot water. Blackheads are divided into two types, namely blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads are open which is char

acterized by enlarged hair follicles which are covered by a collection of skin impurities and sebum. Blackheads usually look like enlarged and blackened pores. While whiteheads are not very visible, but can be found by pressing the pores of the face. Usually, blackheads black out the most because they are very visible.  

3. Using clarifying or pore cleansing mask

Some types of masks, such as clay masks, mud masks, and charcoal masks, are indeed effective at cleaning pores thoroughly, and removing oil, dirt, and dead skin cells found on the face. Some masks also contain sulfur proven to work to destroy dead skin cells that cause blackheads. Whatever mask you choose, if you want to get the maximum cleaning effect, be sure to use it regularly. Michaelkors Outlet

4. Perform a physical exfoliation process with the use of scrubs

In addition to the chemical exfoliation process, you can also reduce blackheads by physically exfoliating. Now, for physical exfoliation, there are several ways you can choose. Starting from using products with scrub granules, using konjac sponge, to using facial cleansing brush that is able to clean the skin thoroughly. However, no matter how exasperated you are on blackheads, don’t overdo exfoliate or over-exfoliate which can cause new skin problems, huh! Just exfoliate one to two times a week.

5. Avoid moist air and excessive sweating

Direct contact between the sun to the skin is very dangerous and can damage skin health. Men are indeed synonymous with more active activities and many interact directly with the sun. So, the heat conditions will facilitate the opening of pores so that it makes oily skin and blackheads arise. So, it would be better if you limit the activities that emit a lot of sweat and away from places that have fairly humid air circulation.

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