Electric Shaver vs Manual

If shaving a beard and mustache have become your habit, surely you often consider using an electric shaver instead of a manual shaver that is widely sold. The general consideration is that an electric shaver is beneficial because it can be used many times but is expensive, while a manual shaver is practical but sometimes it is not easy to produce a neat shave. Well, what you need to know is there are still many advantages and disadvantages of both that you need to know before choosing.

  • Electric shaver
  1. Advantages

Shave faster

Inevitably, shaving with an electric shaver is much faster. You can save 3-5 minutes by using an electric shaver compared to a manual shaver. You can adjust the length of the shaved beard If you use a manual shaver, the easiest thing to do is shave off your beard and mustache. While with an electric shaver, we can adjust the length of the beard that we want to leave. But, you make sure the electric shaver that you buy has special settings

More durable

Manual beard scrapings can only be used two to three times only. Furthermore, the knife is blunt. While the knife on the electric shaver is designed so that its sharpness lasts long.

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Need more money

To buy a manual shaver, the money we need isn’t even more than Rp. 10,000. But for an electric shaver, we need at least Rp. 40,000 or hundreds of thousands if we want good quality ones.

Requires electricity

There are not many bathroom houses that provide electrical sockets, while electric shavers require electrical connections. Even if it’s wireless, you need a battery that needs to be replaced or charged.

  1. Advantages

Easy to shave off and smoother results

Because the knife will directly come in contact with facial skin, the beard or mustache will be easier to shave off without any residual. Especially if our faces are wet and have been given special soap. Manual shaving is guaranteed to make smooth facial skin free from hair.

The shaving process becomes more enjoyable

When shaving with a manual tool, there are a series of processes that we must go through. For example, washing your face with warm water, applying special soap or cream, then shave slowly. That simple ritual will be missed when we start switching to an electric shaver

2. Deficiency:


As mentioned above, manual shaving blades are easy to get blunt. Can only be used 3-5 times. After that you have to throw it away.

Risk of injury Not infrequently a man whose skin bleeds when shaving with a manual tool because the knife is directly in contact with the skin.

Risk of red spots arise

Shaving with a manual tool often causes red spots or rashes on our facial skin. This will not happen if we use an electric shaver because the knife is not in direct contact with the skin. In conclusion, if you like the practical and your bathing or dressing makes it easy for you to plug in electricity, then the electric shaver is the right choice for you.

Meanwhile, if you don’t shave your beard and mustache very often and every time you want to shave it, you want to shave it off, then the manual shaver is perfect for you. Make your choice.

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