Elegant Batik Blouse Model for a Professional Look

Did you know that a blazer or shirt is not the only option to look neat and professional? Now there are many options available to keep looking elegant and professional, one of which is wearing a batik blouse top. Michaelkors Outlet

Currently, there are many state-owned and private companies that require employees to wear a batik shirt or blouse every Thursday and Friday. Along with this, many batik manufacturers have designed various motifs and clothing designs in such a way that the wearer can look professional while working or in other formal activities.

The choice of a batik blouse to appear professional not only has to be able to look formal, but also look attractive. It doesn’t have to be monotonous with the same model, you can also look modern with batik according to the variety of motifs and models you want. Let’s see below, there are seven batik blouse models that can give you a fashionable and professional look at the same time.

1. Asymmetric batik blouse with plain fabric combination

The unbalanced design between the right and left sides is not a barrier to appearing elegant and professional. A batik blouse like the one in the picture above is one item that is very suitable for you to use when attending formal activities, for example working in an office, meeting with colleagues, and others. Even though it looks unbalanced in terms of design and motifs, the dark color of the blouse is still able to give an elegant, professional and neat impression at the same time.

2. Asymmetric batik blouse with a combination of two different motifs

The combination of two different and contrasting motifs gives a different and unusual look. For those of you who are brave and like to try new things, this batik blouse can be an option. The main key to keep the appearance looking elegant and professional is that you have to be very careful in choosing a combination of motifs. Don’t choose an asymmetrical blouse that has a mix of messy, tacky and too crowded motifs. Choose a combination of motifs that blend together alias create a harmonious impression.

3. Short cut blouse decorated with two different batik motifs

Wearing a batik blouse with the same motif can be boring. So that your appearance doesn’t look monotonous, try choosing a short-cut blouse with a combination of two different batik motifs. Your appearance will look more attractive and unique without reducing the formal and elegant essence of your appearance. So, you can look professional without fear of looking old-fashioned. Tas Branded

4. A batik blouse with an A-line silhouette and long sleeves is perfect for hijabers

This batik blouse model has a length that touches the hips, knees or even more. The A-line silhouette is suitable for hijabers too as it won’t be tight on the body. For hijabers, so that your appearance looks more attractive, choose a motif that you really like and then combine it with a matching hijab.

5. An overslag design batik blouse that fits perfectly on the body

This blouse looks similar to one of the fashion trends, the wrap blouse. This batik blouse makes one side of the garment appear wider than the other. If you choose a batik blouse with this model, you have to pay close attention to the motif. The main key to making the appearance look elegant and professional when wearing this blouse model lies in the batik motif. Make sure the batik motifs used to decorate the blouse do not look overlapping and messy. This means that the motif must still look neat and connected.

6. Bell sleeve batik blouse

This batik blouse is quite popular with women. The reason is, the blouse of this model has bell-shaped sleeves, which is getting wider at the bottom from time to time. The bell arm allows you to move freely. In order for your appearance to remain elegant and professional when using a blouse like this, make sure the length of the clothes does not exceed your hips and then wear them with your subordinates that make your body look proportional, for example, straight trousers or palazzo. In addition, you can also use a straight or span skirt that extends to the knee.

7. A kebaya-style batik blouse that is tight on the body

A woman wearing a kebaya always looks elegant and graceful. But unfortunately, the kebaya cannot always be worn in every activity. Comfort and practicality are the reasons. You don’t need to worry anymore, now there is a Batik blouse designed to resemble a kebaya. This blouse will also be made tight and follow the body shape just like the nature of the kebaya. So now you can look as elegant as wearing a kebaya when using this blouse without sacrificing practicality and comfort. Sepatu Branded

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