Essential Men’s Fashion Tips

Are you bored with the same style of dress? Want to try a new look that’s more stunning and cool? Take a look at the following men’s fashion tips first so that you will be more attractive! For most men, fashion may still be the number two thing that is often ignored. Even though the visuals you present from your fashion appearance can have a significant impact in various ways. Starting from giving confidence, to other people’s impressions of you.

Showing the best fashion style that suits your character can boost self-confidence and build a good image in front of people. For this reason, this time we will share some men’s fashion tips that can make you look more attractive. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Use Clothes That Fit the Size

The first men’s fashion tips that you must know are the size of the clothes you are wearing. This is the main thing that is often a problem of your style without realizing it. Before you learn and try various fashion styles that are out there, you must first understand this.

The size of the clothes a person wears can have quite a drastic effect on the appearance one wants to present. You should pay close attention to determining clothes and pants that fit your body shape and size.

Surely you know the name of the dress size is very crucial. Not only in terms of providing comfort when using it, but also in terms of what you display. Know the size of clothes that really fit you, not too big and not too narrow. Choose clothes that really fit and match your body size, unless you really intend to use them as part of the mix & match of your oversized clothes.

Clothes that are too big, for example, can make you look less neat because of the excessive material, and can display the illusion of a body that looks shorter. Conversely, clothes that are too small can provide an uncomfortable sensation for extended periods of use.

2. Invest in Classic Items

Fashion trends always change from time to time. In no time, you can find many new styles when you are just about to try a style. Trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends is not easy. Therefore, choosing classic clothes is the best solution.

Several types of fashion items are designed to always look attractive in any situation and season. By having classic fashion items in your collection in your wardrobe, you can look attractive anytime and anywhere. Here are the fashion items that you must have:

Polo shirt in black and white. It’s really mandatory to be in your pile of clothes. Most flexible and can be combined for various views. Want to use it right away, it’s still okay.
Jeans. This item looks like it doesn’t need to be explained at length anymore. Whatever the top, jeans can almost always be a cool mix and match choice.
White sneaker. Whether it’s a men’s casual style, or for a more formal look, you can always count on a pair of white sneakers to be your best friend in various events.
Denim jacket / leather jacket. Want a manly look that can always make you more attractive? Just wear a denim jacket or a leather jacket to cool off instantly.

3. Play Color

One of the things that is often a scourge for men in choosing fashion is the matter of choosing the color of clothes. The fear of trying bright colors and the right mix and match method often makes Adam give up first when choosing the right fashion. Tas Branded

The most suitable men’s fashion tips for overcoming this problem are to use neutral colors as a reference for choosing your clothes. Neutral colors are easy colors to combine because they are not too bright and flashy. The following is an example of a basic neutral color palette that you can use as inspiration to form your wardrobe collection. There are white, black, brown, olive green, navy blue, gray, and khaki colors.

By having a collection of neutral colored clothes, you don’t need to worry anymore about mix & match outfits, because basically all neutral colors can be paired perfectly with other neutral colors, even for bright colors like neon. For those of you who are interested in using a neon outfit, you can try listening to the tips for mixing & matching neon clothes in our previous article.

Tip: You can apply the 3: 1 ratio formula to your wardrobe. For every three fashion items in neutral colors, you can keep one light colored outfit, or clothes with a striking graphic design and various patterns.

4. Quality Over Quantity

The quality of the clothes you wear is another important factor when it comes to choosing a fashion item. Although not always the main benchmark, price is directly proportional to the quality of a product.

Two pairs of the same shoes, one of which is sold for Rp. 1,000,000 and others at a price of Rp. 100,000, which one do you think will last longer? Certainly higher priced shoes. Of course this is because the materials used are of higher quality. Even so, there are also clothes that are sold at low prices but the quality is still okay. The key is to choose the clothes you need by paying attention to quality, not just price. Sepatu Branded

Quoted from The Essential Man, you can try to go to a clothing store that sells quality products, even though the price is more expensive than what you usually buy. Touch and feel the difference between the materials used and the image of yourself wearing them.

It will definitely feel different than the clothes you might buy from the sale store. You can save and make a wishlist for the clothes you want, then wait until there is a sale at certain times. Usually towards the end of the year and big holidays there will be big discounts.

Looking good by following some men’s fashion tips can make you look even more handsome and attractive, of course. Don’t be afraid to try and innovate with your favorite style.

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