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Men are known to be simple in their clothes. But more precisely the man was too indifferent in determining their style of dress. So it is not surprising that the man is less consistent in dressing. At least men will follow fashion trends. In fact, if you follow the trend, it means you don’t have your own style of dressing.

Dressing is actually like an art. Must prioritize quality and originality. Launching Fashion Beans, for those of you who are still confused about choosing a dress style. You can use these celebrity quotes about fashion as a reference in dressing.

  1. “Remind yourself. Nobody builds (style of dress) like you, you design yourself” (Jay Z) Michaelkors Outlet

Famous American rapper Jay Z seems to have his own style in dressing. This 49-year-old man doesn’t want to follow other people in determining his style of dress. He is more comfortable with his own way of dressing. If you think about what Jay Z said, it’s really true. Is it true, to determine your own style of dress you have to follow other people?

 David Beckham
David Beckham
  1. “Fashion is more about feeling than science” (Pharrell Williams)

Rappers aren’t just good at rapping. They are also consistent and serious in determining their dress style. Like rapper Pharrell Williams. For him, fashion is more about feeling than science. That is, in dressing you can’t be stuck with a theory. Your style of dress must come from within your own heart.

  1. “I like good clothes, whether they are ‘dodgy’ or not” (David Beckham) Tas Branded

Well if David Beckham seems to be relaxed in his clothes. For this Manchester United legend, what matters is that he wears good clothes. Although it’s possible that other people might not call the clothes of his choice good. Red and white friends agree with David Beckham?

  1. “To me, clothes are a form of self-expression, there are clues to who you are in the clothes you wear” (Marc Jacobs)

Famous designer Marc Jacobs is really sensitive when it comes to fashion. Clothing for him is no longer just for style. But to show one’s true identity. The question now is, what is the Red and White friend’s style of dress? Does your personality match your dress style?

  1. “I can go all over the world in just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel coat, and a black tie” (Pierre Cardin)

Simple but prestigious. Renowned designer Pierre Cardin has his own style of dress. He couldn’t escape wearing a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel coat, and a black tie. In fact, according to the man from France, the three clothes he wore were enough to travel the world.

How about Red and White friend, what do you think about your dress style? Sepatu Branded

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