Fashion Items You Must Have For Those Who Want To Appear Ala Korean Guys

Korean-style fashion is indeed being hit and loved by young children. Especially for those who have fallen into the world of K-Pop and find it difficult to move on. Are you one of them? Korean fashion style is starting to be looked at and stole attention since their entertainment industry is developing very rapidly. In fact, many boutiques and fashion shops are starting to adapt the K-Pop country’s fashion trends.

If you pay attention, Korean fashion tends to dare to mix and match more than one item and that is precisely one of the factors that Korean fashion is in demand by many circles. Who knows, by imitating Korean style, it can make girls smitten. For that, there are some fashion items that you must have.

  • Jacket

Must have the first item is a jacket. Maybe a jacket may seem ordinary, but a jacket with a touch of Korean style will be more fashionable and masculine. The model is the same as an army jacket, it’s just using different material wrapping – different. If you want to look more Korean, you can combine a jacket with a t-shirt and jeans. Then, add a belt with a matching color or model. Simple right?

  • Coat

Usually Korean people often wear a coat, especially in the fall and winter, because the material is thick so it can warm the body. Not just as a warmer, coat is also one item for Korean fashion style you know! If you want to try it, it’s better not to choose materials that are too thick and choose a neutral color so that it is easily combined with other clothing.

This one is really suitable business you wear when the weather is cold. To add to the impression that your Korean style is more visible, you can choose a casual sweater and you are united with the shirt inside and the shirt collar issued. That way, you will look more presentable and fashionable. Usually, Korean artists often use jeans or shorts as their subordinates. You can also try it!

  • Cardigan

Cardigan can be an option, because usually this clothing is often also used by Korean boys to perform everyday. You also don’t need to be confused about what to combine with, just enough with a t-shirt or shirt. As long as you are good at choosing the color of the cardigan that matches your skin color, also adjust the model and material to the weather conditions in Indonesia.

  • V-Neck T-Shirt

It doesn’t hurt why you try with a V-Neck T-Shirt. In fact, in Korea, this T-shirt with a V neck cut is very popular. Both among women and men though. You can choose natural colors and combined with outer like cardigan or jacket. For subordinates, choose jeans with a dark color. In addition you can wear casual belts.

  • Shirt

For matters of shirt, actually not much different from shirts in general. It’s just that in Korea more often use shirts with different buttons and collar pieces are wider. However, if you want to adapt the Korean fashion style it’s easy. Only with your plain shirt, then mix with a dark cardigan.

  • Suit

It turns out that using a suit is not always only for formal activities such as to the office or to a party. With a little touch, you can change these formal suits into suits that can be used to look casual. You just need to choose a suit with a slightly bright color, but still neutral huh. Then, you can use a shirt as a depth and dark jeans as a subordinate.

Well, here are some fashion items that you must have if you want to try a Korean-style dress. Indeed, most types of clothing are outer, given the weather in Korea which tends to be cold. But, that is precisely what is the hallmark of fashion from the Ginseng Country. So dare to try it?

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