Fashion Mistakes that are Often Made by Thin Men

Almost every woman will be very happy if they have a slim and slender body. All the clothes on display in the window were bought by them. However, it seemed that the thin man didn’t see that as an advantage. Men with thin bodies experience a few “challenges” in choosing clothes.
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They will take into account the size of clothes, shoes, pants and so on carefully. Want to look fuller, but still up to date.
Here, there are 5 mistakes that should be avoided for men who have a thin body.

01 Wear clothes that fit too well

You’re not going to the public pool or the beach. Therefore, avoid using a boss that fits your body perfectly. For example, if you are wearing a black long-sleeved top that fits perfectly with your body. It will only make you look like you are diving.
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If you are going to buy new clothes, choose a size that is one level above your body size. For example, if your normal dress size is an S size, then look for clothes that are M or L size.
If you are super skinny, it’s a good idea to use clothes with oversized pieces. This can manipulate the eyes of the person who looks.

02 Wrong motive selection

It is often seen that some thin men use vertical motifs, making the body look thinner and uncool.
The vertical line is actually intended for someone who has a “full” body and deflects his “flaws” by creating an optical illusion through the top worn. The same is true for men who want to get a higher impression.
If you have a thin body, it’s a good idea to use horizontal motifs with bright color choices. Like white, nude or yellow. Horizontal motifs will give a “filled” impression.
Again, use a horizontal motif top with a size that is one level larger than your body size, then put your top in and leave a little on the outside. You will get the “filled” impression in an instant.

03 Use dark colors
Dark colors will only create a slender and slender impression on the body. Therefore, in general, men and women who have a slightly large body will really like dark colors. Unlike them, you have to use light colors.
Bright colors like yellow, white, light blue, etc. will create a full impression. In addition, light colors will also be able to create a clean impression on the skin. The skin will appear one level lighter.

04 Using skinny jeans

Have you ever noticed a thin man walking in skinny jeans? What comes to your mind first? Thin men with skinny jeans only make your appearance worse and make your feet look smaller.
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You can try jeans with regular jeans without adding a level of size. Regular jeans are two items that you can use to create a fit impression on the lower part of the body. However, there are some men who prefer to wear culottes for comfort in their activities.

05 Use accessories

You can use a watch or bracelet to support your appearance. It doesn’t take much to wear accessories. Just one bracelet on the right hand, and a watch on the left. Or necklaces and bracelets are more than enough. Limit the accessories attached to the body. Don’t use more than 2 items to create a sleek impression.

Those were 5 things to avoid in choosing clothes for men who have a thin body. Share the following article if it really helped you and share it with loved ones.

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