Fashion Tips for Long Hair Men

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Every man can have a characteristic appearance of each, including through his hair style. There are those who prefer short and neat hair, there are also those who wait patiently for months to grow their hair. For those of you who have long hair, don’t waste the opportunity to look cool after a long process to get that hairstyle. Here are some tips on how to dress for men with long hair.

  • Short sleeves shirt

You can look like a rock star by wearing a shirt. The trick is to try to leave the top two or three buttons on a short-sleeved shirt open. You can also roll up the sleeves to give it a laid-back appearance. The rest of your look can be accompanied by dark denim and matching boots. Don’t forget to use your fingers to comb your long hair so that it looks natural, huh! Michaelkors Outlet

  • Bold Patterned Shirt

Still about shirts, you can mix and match bold print shirts with simpler clothes. For example, using a hawaiian shirt combined with skinny jeans. But try to keep the color of the shoes and pants not as contrasting as the shirt color so that other people’s attention can be fixed at one point, namely your shirt. If you are looking for a motif that is safer and not too online, motifs like plaid or pinstripe can be an option for this look.

  • Classic White T-shirt

After wearing a bold shirt, it’s time for you to want to go out with a simple style and make long hair your main statement. There’s nothing wrong with glancing at the plain white T-shirt in the closet. Even if it’s plain, wearing a white T-shirt with jeans can give it a classic minimalist look. The key is to find a shirt that fits your body, guaranteed that your style will look more effortlessly stylish. Tas Branded

  • Jacket

Men with long hair are not only synonymous with wearing leather jackets or jeans, you know. You can use a monochrome or neutral colored jacket, bomber jacket, and other statement jackets that can give a different appearance than usual. Apart from being a casual go-to item, jackets can also make your long hair stand out more. So start expanding your jacket collection.

  • In a suit? Not a problem!

Who says that a man with long hair can’t look neat and dapper when wearing a suit? You can suit up as usual in a suit and can leave it loose without needing to be tied up. For maximum results, the ends of your hair can be trimmed in your regular barber without the need to cut them to an extreme. Precisely with this long hair, your appearance looks more flexible and gives the impression of an unstructured edge

  • Using Bandana

Of all the previous dress tips, it’s incomplete if you don’t include bandanas in this list. Bandanas can be a cool accessory to wear on your head, neck, hands, and even the feet in your jeans. Make sure to use a bandana in neutral colors like white and black. Apart from that, bandanas in earthy colors such as olive or tan can also be used for your everyday look. Sepatu Branded

  • Hat

The last tip that is no less important for you is to use a hat. There are times when long hair is not okay, the term is bad hair day. Hats can cover long hair and actually save your appearance to keep it okay. You can hide the hair in the hat or leave it loose. There are several types of hats that you can choose from, such as flat-brimmed, pageboy caps, and beanie.

So, those are the mix and match tips for men with long hair.

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