Fashion Trends from TikTok

In a short amount of time, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media in 2020. Not only providing funny and entertaining short videos, you can also find various life hacks there, including the latest trends and fashion inspiration!
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Well, who would have thought, even now there is a fashion trend from TikTok that is really popular. If you don’t know and are curious, we have summed up some fashion trends from TikTok that you can try. Listen together, let’s!


Cottagecore is one of the aesthetics that centers on the imagination when you live in a cottage in the countryside. The fashion style around Cottagecore that you can try is a white or beige dress made from falling or flowy, floral motifs with soft colors.
You can also use cute accessories such as bright colored hair bows or headbands and minimalist necklaces. This style is perfect for use for formal events or just for hangouts.


80s and 90s fashion trends? It’s so last year! In 2021, Tik Tok creates a new fashion trend, namely Y2K Baby or a fashion trend in the early 2000s which was heavily influenced by iconic celebrities of its time such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.
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Crop top is a mandatory fashion item in this Y2K style. The colors that really represent this era are pink and lilac. But you can also use your other favorite colors! Pair it with a mini skirt or cut bray pants and a bucket hat. Shhh, make sure the outfit is completely fit!
Very Y2K accessories? Mini size bag, tinted sunglasses, and also colorful hair accessories! You’ll definitely look to stand out if you try this fashion trend from TikTok.


White sneakers have ruled the shoe trend for years. Although white sneakers are one of the evergreen trends, thanks to TikTok, the shoe trend may shift to combat boots!
You can combine combat boots with various looks, you know! You don’t have to always wear fierce styles to match these boots. The combination of combat boots with a dress if the right styling can steal the show, you know!


This fashion trend is increasingly seen everywhere, right? Starting from K-Pop artists, Hollywood, to local influencers, many have used this fashion item. Vest was a trendy item around the mid-2000s, and it’s making a comeback since late 2020.

Of course, this vest coming back in 2021 has a different twist. This time the oversized vest is very popular. You can mix it with a shirt dress, or your favorite t-shirt and jeans. Who would have thought, vest so versatille?


If you pay attention to the contents of your wardrobe, most of the neck shapes on your clothes are round or V-neck. Well, not anymore! Right now, squared necklines are a hot trend!
By using this neckline, you can look more leveled and show off accessories that seem to be hype lately! Well, what is also quite common is the combination of a square collar with wrinkle details that makes you super girly and elegant! Especially if you wear tops or dresses with pastel colors which are hitting the knot this year.


Is a classic and timeless dress. Silk dress or silk dress makes the wearer look elegant and charming. Despite the trend of silk dress, in its development many also use satin for budget reasons. Well, that’s fine, though!
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For a more stunning appearance, you can use minimalist accessories, such as necklaces or long earrings because most silk dresses will expose your neck and chest, so beautiful accessories will enhance your appearance!
Some of the popular colors for silk dresses are dark green, red, pink, white. If you lack confidence, throw a blazer as your outerwear and mix it with combat boots that are also trending! What a combo!


Of the many trends around bags that are scattered around TikTok, Baguette Bags are the ones who are the champions! This little bag is so trendy that class A celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wear it too! Automatically everyone is affected by them.
There are also many Baguette Bags, some of which are quite standout are bags with crocodile skin motifs in bright pastel colors, or with contemporary chain details. Which
one is your favorite?

So, those are some of the fashion trends that originated from TikTok. So many, huh? Do you think you’ve tried something, haven’t you? Then which trend do you want to try next?

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