Fast Ways to Lengthen Your Hair in a Short Time (I)

Long, healthy, shiny hair is the dream of almost all women. Not surprisingly, many women are willing to spend relatively expensive costs for hair care in the salon for the sake of getting long hair of her dreams. However, some problems that often arise such as dry hair, dull to fall, become an obstacle for women to get their dream hair. Unfortunately, not too many people know how to lengthen hair in a short amount of time, and certainly naturally and without risk. Here are some ways for long, fast hair that you can do to accelerate the growth of your hair.

1. Use a conditioner

The use of conditioner after shampooing regularly can also be one way to quickly lengthen hair. In addition to accelerating hair growth, conditioner can also maintain hair moisture so as to avoid damage such as dry, brittle and dull hair. Therefore, do not forget to frequently use conditioner after shampooing, at least 2 times a week so long hair is healthy and fast.

2. Reduce the use of a hair heater

Hair tools such as hair dryers, curling irons and hair curlers can indeed enhance your hairdo. But if used too often, the heat from these tools will make the hair become brittle so it breaks easily, and falls out. The resulting heat pressure will also inhibit hair growth in the long run.

So, tips to lengthen your hair quickly next is to start reducing the use of hair equipment that causes heat. It’s better to dry your hair naturally, just by aerating it. But when in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer, curling or curling, but with temperatures that are not too hot. Do not forget to use hair vitamins so that hair moisture is maintained.

3. Regularly massage the scalp

Another quick way to lengthen your hair is to stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp regularly, at least 3 times a week. This will help blood circulation in the scalp so that the process of hair growth will be faster. Scalp massage does not always have to be creambath in the salon, you can also do it yourself at home without having to drain the contents of the bag. When shampooing, gently massage the scalp for 3-5 minutes. In addition to accelerating blood circulation, massaging the scalp will also clean the dirt on the scalp that causes the growth of fungi such as dandruff. Easy is not a way to naturally lengthen your hair.

4. Avoid hair coloring Michaelkors Outlet

Frequently changing hair color? If you want to accelerate hair growth, you should not dye your hair too often. Surely you already know that hair dyes contain chemicals? Now if too often used, chemicals contained in it can damage the scalp to inhibit hair growth. So, if you want natural long fast hair, reduce contact with hair dye chemicals, yes.

5. Increase protein consumption

In addition to treatment from outside, care from inside is also needed to stimulate hair growth. Therefore, make sure you consume foods that are rich in protein so that your hair follicles get the essential nutrients needed to support hair growth. In addition to accelerating the length of hair, foods with high protein content such as milk, nuts and meat will also keep your hair healthy and not easily damaged.

6. Reduce swimming time

The next way to lengthen your hair naturally is to avoid swimming too often. The chlorine content in swimming pool water can damage so as to make hair growth slower. However, if you find it difficult to reduce your hobby of swimming, you can use a hair cover while swimming to directly protect your hair from chlorine. In addition, immediately rinse your hair using shampoo and do not forget to also use a conditioner so that the hair does not dry and moisture is maintained.

7. Use green tea

How to lengthen your hair naturally next is to use green tea. Green tea is one of the natural ingredients that can accelerate hair growth. The high antioxidant content in green tea can facilitate the circulation of blood flow to the skin so that it stimulates hair growth more quickly. Brew green tea, then spread evenly on the scalp. Then wrap the hair using a towel, let stand for 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. In addition to the way it is distributed on the scalp, you can also directly get the benefits of green tea by drinking it. Besides having a role in hair growth, its antioxidant content can also protect the body from free radicals that cause premature aging and health problems such as cancer.

8. Take advantage of the properties of coconut milk to lengthen hair

It turns out that coconut milk can also be used to lengthen hair. Maybe it does sound weird. But you can prove it yourself by regularly treating hair using coconut milk, at least 2 times a week. In addition to lengthening hair quickly, regular use of coconut milk to treat hair, can also smooth and soften hair. How to care for hair using coconut milk is not too difficult, just apply thick coconut milk to the scalp to taste, then cover with a warm towel then let stand for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse thoroughly and you will feel hair becoming softer. Interested in making coconut milk as your hair care ingredient?

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