Fast Ways to Lengthen Your Hair in Short Time (II)

9. Hair care with aloe vera

The efficacy of aloe vera in nourishing and healthy hair is already no doubt. Aloe vera is also the key to various ways to lengthen hair. No wonder so many manufacturers of hair care products that use this plant as a basic ingredient in making its products. However, to get the maximum benefit, it would be better if you use aloe vera directly, not using hair care products that contain these plants. How to lengthen natural hair with aloe vera is very easy, just peel the aloe and take the gel. Then apply the gel to your scalp and hair. Leave it for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For maximum results, you can add a few drops of honey to the aloe vera gel before applying it to the scalp.

10. Olive oil and hazelnut oil, the secret to lengthen hair quickly

hazelnut oil
hazelnut oil

Olive oil and hazelnut oil are already known to be effective in accelerating hair growth. In addition to shampooing, you can do scalp massage just before going to bed using olive oil or hazelnut oil. Simply drop 5 drops of olive oil or hazelnut oil on the scalp, then massage gently for 5-10 minutes. Leave overnight, then rinse thoroughly when bathing in the morning. In addition to nourishing hair, both olive oil and hazelnut oil can soften dry, dull hair and make it look more shiny.

11. Extend Hair Naturally with Red Onions

The natural way to lengthen your hair with red onion juice has been believed for a long time. High sulfur content in onions is the key to naturally growing hair. How to apply natural ingredients to lengthen hair is also easy. Peel and wash one handful of onions. Grate and squeeze so the shallot juice comes out. Apply the onion juice on the skin evenly, then let stand a few moments. Then shampoo as usual. Perform this routine periodically and you can get guaranteed fast long hair naturally.

12. Cut the ends of the hair Michaelkors Outlet

Cutting the ends of your hair isn’t just for getting rid of old, dry, and split ends. It is also believed to stimulate hair to grow faster. So, it can be said to cut the ends of the hair is one way to make hair grow naturally fast as well as to make parts of the hair that are not healthy.

13. Reduce staying up late

Stress and lack of rest are among the causes of hair loss. More rest and reduce staying up late can help accelerate hair growth. This is because during sleep the body will regenerate new cells. If your sleep is disturbed, hair cell regeneration will automatically be disrupted. Not only helps to lengthen hair naturally, it is also good for your body’s health.

14. Egg White Mask for Fast Long Hair

The natural way to lengthen your next hair is to use egg whites. Egg white contains nutrients to accelerate hair growth. You can use this natural ingredient to become a hair mask that can lengthen your hair quickly. Simply mix the egg whites with olive oil and apply them to the hair and scalp while massaging. Allow it to soak up the perfect nutrition for a few minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly.

15. Shampooing Routine but Not Too Often Shampooing

Using shampoo does help keep hair clean and healthy, it is mandatory if everyone has to wash regularly. But, don’t let you wash your hair too often! Shampooing every day will eliminate the natural oil content in the hair. The loss of natural oil content will make hair dry and unable to grow properly. So, tips on how to naturally lengthen your hair that you can begin to apply are to stay friendly regularly but not every day.

16. Wet hair? Don’t wrap or comb!

When the hair is still wet, the hair tends to be weaker so it is easily damaged than when it is dry. Tips for lengthening hair quickly next is to reduce the habit of combing and wrapping the hair with a towel when the hair is wet. That way, you have minimized the possibility of hair becoming damaged and falling out and of course it will be long and fast.

There are not many ways and tips to accelerate hair growth naturally? You don’t need too many chemicals to grow your hair fast. With a variety of natural ingredients you can also grow hair quickly without fearing that your hair will become damaged by chemicals. Come on, immediately try ways to lengthen the natural hair above!

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