Find out the difference between body butter, lotion and cream

The large variety of skin care products makes you confused. Let’s find out the differences and benefits of body lotion, butter, and cream!

Currently there are many products to moisturize body skin. Maybe when we were kids, we only knew hand and body lotion which is useful for moisturizing the skin. But as technology and beauty trends developed, you came across body butter and body cream. Equally to moisturize the skin. However, is there a difference between the three? Let’s find out!
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Body Butter

Body butter is a skin moisturizer that has a texture that is denser, moisturized, and thicker than body lotion. Why is the texture denser? Body butter does not contain water, it uses essential oils and butter. This moisturizer contains fairly dense ingredients such as natural oils (coconut, jojoba, olive), shea butter, so it will create a kind of barrier between the skin and the outer elements. Well, this barrier will protect and seal skin moisture while protecting the skin from dirt!

Benefits of Body Butter?

  • Moisturizes skin.

Body lotions often evaporate quickly because there is a water element in them. Now, because there is a barrier between the skin and the elements from outside, the skin’s moisture will always be maintained.
Its thick texture is also full of nutrients useful for your skin.

  • Makes Your Skin Soft.

After showering, apply body butter on your body. Body butter contains essential oils and butter that will make your dry skin even more moisturized and soft!

  • Removes Calluses.

If you have calluses on your feet. Before going to bed, apply body butter on the soles of the feet, massage gently, and put on socks. In the morning, use a callus scraper to remove dry skin.

Body Lotion Tas Branded

Body lotion is one of the most familiar skin moisturizers for our ears. Well, this body lotion has a much lighter texture, lower oil content, doesn’t lubricate the skin, and can be used by anyone.

Benefits of Body Lotion?

  • Keeps Skin Moisture.

This lotion that you use everyday functions to keep the skin moisturised that you already have. For example, if you visit a cold area or work in an air-conditioned room all day (low humidity), then it is advisable to use body lotion to lock moisture on your skin.

  • Skin Becomes More Elastic.

Body lotion usually contains hydrolyzed silk which can fight signs of premature aging on your skin, such as increasing the elasticity of skin that starts to sag.

  • Improve Dry Skin.

If used regularly, dry skin will slowly become more moisturized and healthier. However, if only used occasionally, the skin will dry again.

Body Cream Sepatu Branded

Unlike the body lotion which has a light texture, body cream has a heavier texture than body butter. Body cream contains a high mixture of water and oil. Its heavy texture can make skin healthier and moisturized. It is suitable for those of you who have extra dry skin.

Benefits of Body Cream

  • Overcoming Chapped Skin Problems.

If your skin is cracked due to being too dry, using a body cream can be the solution.

  • Focus on Moisturizing the Troubled Area.

Due to its heavy texture, you will feel uncomfortable wearing it all over your body. Use it only on areas that are very dry, such as on the elbows, knees, or other areas that need extra moisture.

  • Suitable for wearing at night before going to bed.

Indonesia has a tropical climate, so during the day the weather tends to be hot. Imagine if you use body cream during the day, it will be very sticky and annoying. Well, you can use body cream at night before going to bed for maximum results!

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