For Women: 5 Clothing Models You Should Not Wear on the First Date

Are you ready to welcome your first date? Surely you also need a special outfit. Eits, but do not let your clothing choices are not right for the first date For that, here are 5 clothes that should not be worn during the first date.  

  • Say no to sweatpants

Indeed sweatpants are becoming a trend and are often seen used by various supermodels in the world for their daily appearance. But it seems, sweatpants are not the right choice to use when dating. Even if you really want to prioritize comfort in stylish clothing. At least you can choose sweatpants with material from silk or velvet so you don’t look like you’re going to sleep.

  • Don’t use clothes that are too tight

When dating, you definitely want to look beautiful and sexy isn’t it. But whatever looks sexy with a tight dress if it makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure the dress you choose is comfortable so you can spend the most time with your partner. Don’t let your attention get distracted because of difficulty breathing while sitting or because your tight dress makes your sitting position uncomfortable. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Don’t use red or pink from top to bottom

These two colors are indeed symbols of passion, love and affection. But, don’t overdo it in using these two colors. Make these two colors sweeteners or centerpiece of your appearance. It can be a red lace top, a pink blazer, or a cherry red dress. But don’t use this color from head to toe. Instead of style, you have exaggerated style.

Indeed you can use anything for your date. But you also have to pay attention to your date. Surely you do not want to be the only one who uses distressed jeans around people in formal attire, right? Instead of style, you are wrong costume and can make you embarrassed so you can not enjoy time with your partner. Therefore, it is important to anticipate the formality of your date, especially if this is a surprise date from him. Play safe and avoid using distressed jeans

  • Like sweatpants, say no to leggings

Just like the reason why you should not use sweatpants, leggings are also not the first fashion item to think about when you are looking for inspiration for formal wear. Especially for dating. Indeed, this fashion item is comfortable to use. However, it helps you use palazo pants or wide pants for the same comfort but with more style. Or if you really want to use your upholstery dress or skirt, you should choose stockings rather than awkward leggings and tend to have thick material because it is used for sports.

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