Grooming tips in the morning

All of us have experienced waking up late in the morning, whether it’s because you went out late at night to date, the alarm clock was off or the work was piled up which made you forced to work overtime. There are times when a man has to get ready in the morning and get out of the house quickly. When you wake up late in the morning because of some of the above, routine work like bathing you might be able to miss.

Morning is a good time to start the day. It’s good to start the morning with a good thing, starting with cleaning themselves and maximum grooming.

In the morning, the bathroom seemed like a place of transformation. Sleepy walking with a smelly body, and messy hair that looks stupid. After getting out of it, we feel renewed. “Feel fantastic” and feel the spirit again to undergo daily activities.

However, apparently not all men do it. Feeling that time is money, their time to improve themselves is sometimes narrowed or perhaps ignored by this most important activity.

Therefore we have compiled a list of things to consider when grooming in the morning, because your grooming is everything.

1. Bathing Cleanses Skin and Hair  

Use soap that matches your skin. First identify your skin if you include dry skin or oily skin. You can use soap containing scrubs to make dead cells on the body peel.

If you are a man who is full of outside activities, you can use soap that contains anti-bacterial. Because anti-bacterial soap will be effective enough to kill germs from the outside.

Avoid bathing with water that is too hot because it can make the skin dry. Water that is too hot can also make natural oils in the body out too much and make fine blood vessels appear on the face.

Rinse the hair every day is very good, it can cleanse the natural oils that dry on the scalp of the hair. When using shampoo, you can focus on a hair massage in the area around the back of the ear. Because that part is the place where the scalp produces the most oil.

2. Cleaning the Face Michaelkors Outlet

Some research results suggest that men’s facial skin is 20% more oily than women’s facial skin. This shows that men’s facial skin needs adequate care because it has the potential to be more dirty. By cleaning the face regularly, facial skin can avoid acne and then the face also looks fresh.

It is better to avoid using face wash soap containing chemicals. You can use facial wash soap containing scrubs in it.

The scrub can function to remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin on the face. When cleaning your face, you can focus on the forehead and nose, because that is where the center of the oil gland is.

3. Shaving / Shaving Mustache & Beard  

If you are the type of man who does not like to maintain a mustache & beard, there are some tips you can do, among others, as follows.

  • Wash with warm water

First of all, wash the part of the skin you want to shave with warm water. This will open up your pores slightly, making the hair softer and easier to shave.

  • Use Preshave Oil

This oil is very useful for reducing irritation when shaving. This oil protects the skin and makes it easy for beards to be shaved. This allows the blade to glide smoothly over the skin and reduce irritation. Another benefit is that the oil forms a protective layer over the skin so that it can directly protect it from the knife. The oil is designed to be applied under gel, cream or foam as additional protection.

  • Shave in the direction of hair growth

If your hair grows downwards, shave from the top down, not vice versa. If opposite, it can cause irritation.

4. Cleaning teeth and mouth.  

To start a beautiful morning, don’t let your mood be damaged by the people around you by the smell of your breath. According to one doctor in New York, Stewart Gordon said, that rather large toothbrush heads, will reach teeth widely. Then, you should choose a brush that is soft enough so that your gums are not injured and infection.

Then brush the parts of your tongue. Bacteria usually collect on the back of your tongue. By brushing it, you have eliminated one of the causes of bad breath.

5. Tidy the Hair  

After everything is finished and you are ready to rush out to do activities, do not forget this one body part. Yes! your hair. Do not let your hair is one type of hair that women do not like. The tips are, shape your hair first, then add products for hair in it (gel / wax / pomade). Roll out so that the effect is better.

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