Guide to Choosing Men’s Belts for Formal Events

Attending a formal event with a neat suit will not be complete if the belt you wear doesn’t match your appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

According to the Oxford dictionary, belts are leather or other material that is wrapped around the waist to hold heavy clothing or weapons. Now, the presence of a belt today is not just as functional, but rather more attractive in appearance, especially a man. In formal occasions, trousers with buckles are something that must be worn by men.

Can your existing buckle be used at every event, both formal and informal? Not necessarily. Not all buckles can be used at various events. Do not let you choose the wrong to use a suitable buckle when it comes to official events. Here are guidelines that you can follow in choosing the right belt for use in formal events.

1. Size of length and width

Make sure when you have a buckle suitable for you to use, the width of the buckle is between 1 inch to 1.5 inch. Or if you are confused by numbers, you can measure it with the thumb of the upper hand to the folds. If only this size is called width that is suitable for use in formal events.

Well, usually the size of the buckle also has a different length. Recommended for you, when choosing a buckle try to look for a size that is bigger than your waist. For example, if your waist size is 34 inches, then look for a belt measuring 45 inches. In general, when trying a belt, measure it to fit the third hole when using it. Tas Branded

2. Choose a belt color that matches your formal shoes

If you have formal shoes, it might be a little easier to determine which buckle is right for you. The color of your shoes must at least be represented on the buckle so that it feels matching and commensurate with the clothes you are going to wear. If you use black shoes, then use black buckles as well. So even when you use brown shoes, then use brown buckles too.

3. Leather buckle is more elegant and durable

In accordance with the definition of the buckle itself, leather around your waist. So, it’s good for those of you who have better funds to buy buckles made from genuine leather. Just like choosing the color of the buckle, the material would be better adjust to the shoes you wear. You will try to use leather shoes that will be combined with a leather buckle. Leather is believed to be more elegant and durable when treated properly. Sepatu Branded

Guide to choosing a men’s belt for formal events you can do from now on. The three secrets of buckles that we share will certainly give you a classy look with the formal outfit you wear. And no doubt, you will be the center of attention of many people at the formal event.

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