Guide to Choosing the Best Knives, Razors and Shavers for Men

For men, shaving mustache and beard is one of the most important parts in maintaining appearance. Shaving can also provoke the mustache and beard on your face to grow neater. To be sure, you also need to choose the most appropriate shaver so that shaving activities become more comfortable and stay safe.

You need to know that before 1970, men’s shavers had only one model, namely with one blade and a thin and small handle. However, over time, the shaver developed with a variety of brands and models with a wider and more varied blade. Various innovations also continue to be made by making the shaving heads pivoting, disposable blades (manual) to breakthrough technology shaving hair that is able to vibrate with built-in shaving cream, lubricating strips and trimmer that can be folded. Besides that, which is electric, and is multifunctional and travel friendly, you can also get it easily. Want to know more about the best razor knives and shavers you can choose from? Read the explanation!

  • Manual or conventional shavers

This traditional shaver is usually made of a rubber-coated handle on the handle. With a manual shaver, you can more easily shave every part of your mustache and beard because of its small size and the very movements you can control. Especially if you want to shave your mustache or beard, leaving certain parts. According to shaving and beard shaving experts, shaving razors can be used up to five times, after which usually the razor blades will become more blunt and less sharp. Conventional shaver or often called a safety razor is simple in shape with a razor blade and a handle that is fairly handy. All you have to do is buy a razor refill, and the shaver is ready to use. Psst, this safety razor shaver was also recognized as a razor that makes shaving as soft as a baby’s buttocks, at a very affordable price.

  • Electric Shaver

If you are a man who always shaves your mustache and beard, then an electric shaver is the recommended choice. There are two types of electric shavers to choose from, namely electric shavers that use batteries or electric shavers. Both can be a mainstay for shaving or shaving sessions wherever and whenever you are. The most important thing is to always have a battery available as a charger or near a power outlet. Many Dermatologists also add that shaving using a single-edged shaver does not make the skin more irritating than a double-edged shaver or more. Shaving with a lot of knife-haired shavers also makes skin more vulnerable to irritation.

  • A razor that can be replaced if it’s blunt

This shaver, also called a cartridge razor, is the most widely used and easily found on the market. These tools are usually plastic or rubber handles with shaving heads that can be replaced if they are blunt. Some common brands sell shavers along with a number of shaver heads to replace them. This beard shaver has at least two blades and there are at most six blades. Although they cannot shave their beards until they are neatly trimmed, some shaver users with lube strips say that they can shave closer to the skin or are often called close shaving. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Disposable shaver

This shaver looks like a razor cartridge, it’s just that the shaver is immediately thrown away once it’s blunt. Usually this shaver can only be used as much as four times shaving, so it tends to make your bag tends to be wasteful. The quality of disposable razors also depends on the price being sold. Usually the cheaper the results will not be as smooth as expensive, sometimes even just cause irritation to the facial skin. So, be more careful.

  • Travel-friendly shaver

Well, this one is really suitable for you who like traveling! For you who travel a lot for a long time, you can choose a manual or electric shaver for you to rely on all the time. If you choose an electric shaver, pay attention to its flexibility. It’s best to choose a shaver that uses batteries so you don’t have to worry about the charger cable. It will be easier to choose the type of disposable razor because if you forget to bring it or don’t want to bother, you just look for it at the nearest mini market and can immediately throw it away if it’s blunted or not used anymore.

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