Guys Wearing Slippers Is Not Forever Tacky, 8 Inspiration Ideas Are There Evidence!

This fasting month is indeed the right time to expedite your worship. For those who rarely go to the mosque, surely they become more frequent now? But with daily activities, is it a hassle if you have to take off and wear shoes? More simply, you can wear sandals as an alternative to your daily footwear. Even if you wear sandals, it’s also not possible to go anywhere with flip-flops? To make it more worthy to appear simple but still practical, try wearing leather sandals. Here are some inspiring styles to wear sandals that you can match with your personal style and everyday life! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Flannel shirts, denim pants, and leather sandals for everyday casual style. For you guys who don’t like complicated, this style is just right.

Flannel shirts are a kind of basic clothing that every guy has because of his casual yet presentable impression. Wear one piece of leather sandals with your T-shirt and denim pants. The styles above mix and match dark flannel shirts, black denim, and also black leather sandals that look neutral. So you can wear any color shirt!

2. Leather + Denim Material = Classic street style inspiration for those who like to appear edgy.

The combination of denim and leather is always going to be trendy especially for guys. Not just edgy, the two ingredients seem more macho for boys. Because black leather sandals are very flexible, you can use all kinds of denim colors for your jacket and pants. Blue denim is the most classic, but you can also use pale blue gray or white denim for your jacket and pants pair.

3. The formal atmosphere but wearing sandals, why not? Material suits and pants can also be combined and matched with leather sandals. Tas Branded

If your office has a looser code, why don’t you try wearing leather sandals? Suit suits you can also mix and match with leather sandals as long as you choose a more casual suit. By folding your material a little, you will look more modern and trendy..

4. Black and white monochrome style that makes your style look neat and clean. Black and white monochrome is suitable for all skin colors and body shapes.

The monochrome style is really new, especially the black and white monochrome that everyone can use. Monochrome style also has its own advantages because monochrome style can adapt to many accessories. For example, you can wear your black leather sandals to complement your black and white monochrome clothes.

5. Black leather sandals + all-black monochrome style for you guys who want to look neat and mysterious.

Some guys really don’t like the style too colorful. For those who like to follow the monochrome trend, try the all-black monochrome style above. Put on your black leather sandals with a cardigan, blazer, shirt and black pants for a simple but luxurious look.

6. Ready to go to the mosque in style? Try the matching leather gloves and sandals as below.

Appear okay when worshiping it’s not difficult. Try the example of the style equivalent above. You can try to match black sarong with brown leather sandals or vice versa. As long as there’s a neutral color, you don’t need to be confused about choosing a color.

7. Leather sandals + leather jacket + leather bags. Show your “naughty” style with all-leather clothing.

Not all skin clothing will look excessive as long as you know how to match it. Your leather sandals will be a perfect match with a leather jacket and colored leather bag. In order not to look excessive, use a clothing article made from other materials. For example, you can wear material pants so it isn’t too heavy to see. Sepatu Branded

8. Brightly colored leather sandals are suitable for holidays on weekends. Try wearing it with clothing tops that are also brightly colored.

Weekends are a great time for relaxation and sightseeing. Let everything be more practical, try wearing leather sandals with bright colors. Not only practical, they can also display more enthusiasm for you. The combination of blue and white color above looks bright and also fresh in the eyes especially with a simple t-shirt.

Well if you really want to appear practical in this Ramadan, try wearing leather sandals. They are not only practical, but also stylish. No matter what your personal style of dress, leather sandals will always be an alternative footwear that you can rely on.

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