Hairstyles that will Boom at the End of 2020 & Early 2021

During this pandemic, it forces us to stay at home and instantly become masters of one skill. Some may suddenly become a “chef” just because they often see tiktok that smells of food, or become an impromptu “hair dresser” because they often watch YouTube.

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Talking about hair dressers, I just found various types of hairstyles for women due to confusion about what content to make (please, that’s human being). Some of them are under-rated and some are often used on several occasions.
Thus, I want to share with all of you 5 hairstyles that will be booming at the end of 2020 which are really a shame for you to just miss!

  • Two-Tone Hair Colors

Inspired by Jennie-BLACKPINK who has used this hairstyle in BLACKPINK’s music video “How You Like That”, this hairstyle trend will continue until the end of 2020, and even into 2021. Looking different at the beginning of the year is something you must do, right?

  • The One Tendril

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I often see women who let a few strands of hair drop to the side of the face to give a small face. And know it’s time for you to do some experiment! Try to use a tendril like the image below to give a more mature look to your appearance. And i bet it will be sooo lit!

  • Claw-Clip Updos

Noah, this hairstyle looks like the 90s. This type of hair style is almost the same as this messy bun, perfect for those of you who want to get a natural appearance.
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  • Double Buns

Ladies, did you know that men are more attracted to women who use double buns? Double buns will give a cute and charming impression, you know! So, it suits him again!

  • Flipped-Up Ponytails

Next level for your ponytails, ladies! Flip up your ends for a cute, retro vibe. No more ponytails hanging down, it’s time to flipped it up!

Well, those are 5 hairstyles that are predicted to be booming at the end of 2020 and early 2021. Hopefully this article can be a reference for those of you who want to look different!

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