Here are 8 fashion tips for you who are thin

Everyone would want the ideal body shape. If you ask the ideal body shape you want, the answer is definitely a thin body. A thin body is very easy to mix and match clothes and the size is very easy to find in malls and online shops.
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However, did you know that having a thin body is not always easy to mix and match, you know. You need to be extra careful if you want to mix and match your fashion items.
If you mix and match your fashion items, you will look thinner and look like a sick person. Therefore, consider 8 fashion tips for those of you who have a thin body.

  1. Wear Oversized Top

Oversized tops are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. This outfit that seems oversized is perfect for those of you who have a thin body. Oversize top will make your appearance look full and proportional.
Tips: It’s a good idea to put your clothes into the pants that you will wear to create a full impression.

2. Skinny Jeans
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After the oversized top, it’s time for you to wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will neutralize the “fat” impression on your oversized top and will make your appearance look more attractive and will shape your legs into levels.
Don’t: Don’t use cutbray / cullotes pants. Both of these fashion items will make your appearance look striking and disproportionate.

3. Layer Style!

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In essence, layer styles emphasize clothing that is layered. Usually the layer style is used in winter. This current style is very effective for those of you who want to have a slightly thicker body. However, not all clothes that you wear into layers are called layer styles, you know.
There are two fashion items that you must have if you want to try layer styles, namely shirts and outerwear.

The first layer is the shirt as your insides. Then, use outerwear. Outerwear will make your body shape thin, it will look full.

Please note, because we are on a tropical island, it’s a good idea to use a maximum layer style of 3 pcs. If it’s more than that, your sweat production will increase.

4. Use Clothes With Horizontal Motifs.

There is no doubt that horizontal motifs can create a “full” impression on your thin body. You can either put your clothes on or leave them outside your pants.

5. No Fit!
If you have a skinny / skinny body, you should avoid clothes that fit your body. It’s a good idea to find clothes sizes that are one level above you
If you wear clothes that are the right size, it will make your skinny body look even thinner.

6. No slim fit
As with the previous point, you should avoid clothes that are slim fit or fit your body. It will only add a skinny impression to your body.

7. Use the belt on the dress

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If you want to wear a dress, choose a dress that suits your body shape. Find out in advance what your body shape is, and find a dress that fits.
Then, to accentuate your waist, it’s a good idea to wear a small belt. The goal is besides accentuating your waist, it also serves to shape your waist.

8. Wear Crowded Colors and Patterns.
And the point is, wear clothes that consist of several colors of mix colors / duo tones / the like. Clothing that consists of several colors will make your body look full. Avoid using dark colors like black or brown old.

Busy motifs can bewitch the eyes that look at you. Busy motifs will disguise a thin body shape so that you will look fuller.
So, here are some fashion tips for those of you who have a thin body to make it look fuller. Good luck!

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