History of Underwear

When you dress, underwear is the first thing you wear every day. Although small in size, underwear plays an important role in maintaining the health of human sex organs.

Underwears help protect human genital organs from clothing friction (can cause blisters), maintain cleanliness (exposure to germs or bacteria), and provide comfort and security for the wearer. Wearing underwear every day, did you know that awareness to cover and protect the genitals has been done by humans since 7,000 years ago?

Prehistoric humans wore leather clothing to cover their genitals. But at that time, the skin was the only clothing that covered the body. Michaelkors Outlet

Historically, the use of underwear or loincloth (as a coating before dressing) was first carried out in the era of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Especially by women.

At that time, Egyptian women used long cloth wrapped around in such a way as to cover the groin area and buttocks. This is useful to keep the genitals from blisters, also to keep them clean.

Many also speculate that the Egyptian mummies are a source of inspiration for the creation of underwear.

Thousands of years later, underwear is still a luxury item that can not be obtained by everyone. Only the elites in underwear are like kings, queens, to nobles. All because cotton or wool is still expensive.


The ancient Romans also wore panties, known as the ‘subligaculum’. Subligaculum itself in the form of linen / cotton cloth wrapped around the buttocks area and tightened using an iron belt.

Until the era of World War 1, America created cotton underwear that was simple and had a rubber waist, specifically to facilitate its soldiers when fighting. At that time, the allies were wearing triangular shaped underwear, some were wearing boxers.

The 90s became the golden period of underwear. In this decade, underwear was transformed into a commercially valued fashion item.

Leading fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret become the world’s largest lingerie producer. The shape and type of underwear apparels are already varied.

The material is no longer using cotton alone. Some are made of silk, satin, lace, and even super sexy transparent tulle. The function of the underwear began to shift and not only concerned with aspects of comfort alone. Thong, g-string, bikini, tanga, and many more appear. The price also skyrocketed.

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