How to take care of and clean leather bags

Especially leather bags that are prone to damage and discoloration. Don’t worry, if you take care of Michaelkors Outlet it properly, your leather bag can be durable and will always look like new. Follow how to care for the following leather bags so they are durable and long lasting.

1. Always keep the bag in a dust bag

When you buy a new bag, you will usually get a dust bag, which is a bag wrapping bag that serves to protect the bag from dust and other dirt when stored. Usually a dust bag is included in a bag made from leather. So, don’t throw away this dust bag, because you need it to wrap your favorite leather bag.

But remember, do not be too long to keep the bag in a dust bag. You still need to take out your bag to get air so it is not too damp so it is moldy. At least once every two weeks you need to take your bag out of the dust bag.

2. Fill the bag with bubble wrap to maintain its shape

Leather bags that are rarely used, easily change their shape, especially large leather bags. If you put it in the cupboard and are crushed by a bag or other item, it may cause folds or the shape will no longer be like when you first bought it. Therefore, you need to fill the bag with bubble wrap or can be used with used cloth, paper, plastic, and so on, to keep the shape of your bag well maintained.

3. Clean the stain right away when you realize

Do not delay to clean your bag when it is stained. Leaving a moment will make the stain more difficult to clean. Make sure you know the type of stain that sticks to the surface of the skin because the handling will vary. The stain that sticks to the bag most often is oil stains.

Don’t use water to clean oil stains, because water will damage the skin fibers when the oil sticks. Use talcum powder and soft cloth to clean it. For ink stains, you can use a special stain remover product on the surface of the skin. If your bag is not entirely made of leather, you need more than one product to remove the stain because the handling will be different.

4. Use special materials such as micro fiber or cotton to clean the bag.

Do not carelessly use cloth to clean the bag. Especially using wet wipes to wipe the dust on your leather bag. Use a cotton swab to keep the surface texture of the skin from being damaged or scratched. Besides cotton, you can also use micro fiber that has a very soft texture and can absorb dirt well. Also avoid cleaning your leather bag by using a sponge.

5. Moisturize the leather bag with a skin conditioner

Both genuine and imitation leather bags need to be given conditioners to maintain their moisture. Leather bags that lose moisture will make it wrinkled, stiff, to peel. That’s why you need to polish it with a special conditioner to care for leather bags.

You can get this conditioner at stores that sell leather goods, it’s creamy and there are ways to use it. This conditioner can keep your leather bag soft and supple as new.

6. Keep away from sun exposure

Surely you can’t avoid the sun when traveling wearing a leather bag. It’s just that you need to make sure that the surface of your leather bag is not exposed for too long with sunlight, aka drying it to make it hot. If this happens, then your leather bag can change color and become dull.

Too bad if your favorite leather bag has a unique color if you have to change color, such as the Haskell Single Zip Briefcase Cognac color from Fossil. Not only that, the texture of the skin will also become dry, cracked, until the surface peels off. If it turns out your bag is wet or splashed with water, don’t dry it. Wipe it by patting the wet part, then aerate it.

By following the six easy steps above, your favorite bag will look like new every time you use it. In addition to caring for a bag, you are also required to take care of your watch to make it more durable. You can read more tips on caring for your watch on the Urban Icon blog.

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