For a true bikers, safety equipment such as helmets, accessories, and jackets have a very important role. From the motorcycle fashion worn by a biker, we can see a person’s personality and tastes, especially from the motorcycle jacket models used. The main function of the jacket itself is to protect the rider’s body in the event of a collision and protect the body from the wind. Not only that, a motorcycle jacket can also make someone cooler, maskoolin, and manly. So as not to choose the wrong, first know 7 ways to choose the right motorcycle jacket for you here! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Choose the Appropriate Body Size

Choose a jacket that fits your body size, not too big or too small. If it does not fit, your concentration will be disturbed when riding a motorbike because of the discomfort it causes. Besides that in terms of fashion, clothes that are too big and too small can make you insecure. Combine your motorcycle jacket with a black shirt or polo shirt as a bottom.

2. Choose a Model that Is Not Too Many Ropes

So that the driving experience becomes more comfortable and enjoyable, choose a jacket that doesn’t have too many straps because it will endanger you on the road. Do not want the rope suddenly caught on a tire and something unexpected happens! In addition to a leather jacket, you can also use a Harrington jacket as a replacement.

3. Choose a Jacket That Covers the Neck, Wrist and Hip

Motorcycle jackets that cover the neck, wrists, and hips can minimize the risk of injury during an accident. It’s also a good idea to choose a jacket that has a protector on the elbows and shoulders. Usually such a jacket has more thickness to minimize collisions. Safer, better. Tas Branded

4. Use Bright Color

Use a motorcycle jacket whose color is bright enough to be seen clearly at night. You can also choose a jacket model that has patterns or lines that can reflect vehicle lights at night. This is important for safety reasons.

5. Leather Motorcycle Jackets Need Extra Care

Motorcycle jackets have different materials. Leather jacket is perfect for hot and cold weather. Another advantage of a leather jacket is that it is impervious, has good sweat absorption, and is cooler, of course. But because it is made of skin, it must be cleaned frequently or dried in the sun so that it does not smell. Apply the layering method when using a motorcycle jacket, for example combine a leather jacket with the following 6 types of men’s cardigans.

6. If You Want a Jacket of Denim

Motorcycle jackets made from jeans are gaining in popularity today and are often used as motorcycle club jackets. This jacket with jeans material is suitable for use in windy areas, has sweat absorption, and is not too hot when used during the day. But the weakness of this jacket is that it is difficult to dry because it has thick material.

7. Synthesis of Sweat Absorption Jacket is Poor Motorcycle jacket made from synthetic material is a combination of leather and lubricant material. The advantage is almost the same as a leather jacket, but the absorption of sweat is not good. While on the other hand, synthetic jackets are easy to clean and are very suitable for use at night. Sepatu Branded

If you’ve read the best way to choose a motorcycle jacket, you will not choose the wrong one. Don’t forget to complete your fashion bikers by using the best Pomade brands to style your hair. What jacket do you like the most?

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