Usually when discussing about appearance, it will not be far from the color of the clothes or the type of shoes that must be worn. The point is, we generally only talk about clothes that are visible on the outside. Now, what about underwear?

Underwear does not directly affect your level of beauty (especially if you are on a daily basis where you don’t show your underwear). However, the right underwear can actually affect several things, you know. For example, the level of self-confidence and body health.

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So, so you’re not curious, see what I’m discussing about underwear this time. However, this time I focused on choosing men’s underwear which is almost always worn by all men on this earth

The Importance of Choosing the Right Underwear

Most guys like us don’t want to be complicated in choosing underwear to wear. Like me, I usually only buy 1 box of 3 pieces of underwear at the supermarket for daily use.

It turns out that after I read it, choosing underwear is not just a matter of being comfortable and not too small, bro. The health of the reproductive organs is also important.

Various kinds of underwear turned out to have different functions. Each of them can help nourish our reproductive organs while used in the right situations and conditions.

Tips for Choosing Underwear
For those of you who initially don’t care but become insecure after reading the beginning of this article, tips for choosing the right underwear so that your reproductive organs are healthier and more comfortable.

  1. Use Loose Underpants

Based on my experience, I always choose pants that are a bit loose so that they don’t get too tight and sweat quickly. It turned out that my choice was not wrong.

According to doctors, men like us should wear underpants that are not too tight or loose. One of the advantages is that loose underwear can provide space for air circulation for the testicles, so that it is good for the quality and quantity of sperm that we produce later.

2. Avoid Underpants That Are Too Tight

Just like the first point, tight underwear can cause discomfort in the lower part of the waist and genitals. Not only that, but tight underwear can also reduce sperm quality. Therefore, it is better to choose loose or slightly loose underwear, for example boxers.

3. Choose the Right Panties Material

Not only the size of the underwear, the material must also be considered so that our genitals are more comfortable. Cotton or synthetic blends are often chosen because they are suitable for daily activities.

However, if you exercise regularly, you should use synthetic materials with good technology so that they can keep the body moisturized and also prevent too frequent friction on the genitals.

Choosing the Right Underwear
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From some of the things that have been described above, maybe you have an idea about the suitable underwear for you. However, you also have to remember to adjust your underwear to the situations and conditions that you will face later.

1.Based on activities
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For those of you who live in a big city and work in an office by having to sit for hours, you can choose briefs to accompany your daily activities.

Brief underwear is also an option for those of you who are still in school or college who have sports activities such as those in compulsory subjects or extracurricular activities.

If you are relaxing all day at home on the weekend, you can use boxers as your underwear. The more spacious air circulation makes your relaxing days more enjoyable.

At bedtime, you can also use a boxer as your sleeping companion. Because usually the body will release heat while sleeping, your pubic part will not feel damp, itchy, especially wearing a boxer.

Boxer briefs and trunks can be an option when you want to hang out on the beach or do some light exercise at the gym.

You can use a boxer brief if you don’t feel confident about your thighs. Suppose you want to look sexier but still look polite enough, wear the trunk.

For bikini panties, you can also use them while on the beach or together with your partner. Not only when you’re in place, you can also use it on the go, while you’re comfortable.

If you have seen low rise pants for men and are confused about what model to wear for fear of being visible, wear bikini-style underwear that are not clearly visible from the outside.

In addition to attracting interest when having sex with a partner, a thong can actually be used when you are sunbathing on the beach, as long as you are not afraid to be the center of attention of the women (and maybe some non-women) there.

For jockstrap panties, you can use it when you exercise. Not only will you be safer, but the temperature of your vital area will be maintained.

2. By Place Michaelkors Outlet

When you have to choose underwear based on location, it’s actually not that difficult. The location is differentiated between indoor and outdoor. Basically, all underwear can be used outdoors or indoors, but under certain conditions.

If you are in the room more often, you are suitable to use underwear in the brief, boxer, boxer brief, and thong models. Bikini can also be used, as long as the room conditions are not too cold because the bikini fabric is not too thick.

If you are outside the room, you can adjust the underwear you are wearing with the activities you are going to do.

If you are just walking around, you can use the brief, boxer, or brief boxer and trunk models. For strenuous activities such as exercising, you can use a jockstrap or a brief boxer and trunk.

Thong underwear is not recommended for outdoor activities, except on the beach or swimming pool.

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