How to get around the distended belly of men

Are you getting older, are you still gaining weight and aren’t aware that your stomach is bloated? So as not to be too visible, follow these telling tips!

Distended stomach can indeed be overcome by regular exercise and avoid bad eating habits. But all that can not instantly make your stomach shrink. Instead of being confused waiting for the results of dieting hard work for a flat stomach like a six pack, it’s better to follow too, let’s dress properly to cover a distended fat belly!

1. Avoid Tight Clothes

If you don’t want to emphasize your distended belly, you shouldn’t wear a shirt or shirt that is too tight, toppers. Choose a shirt that is not tight so you are free to breathe at the same time distended belly disguised. But you also should not choose a shirt that is too loose so that your appearance still looks neat.

2. Choose Dark Color

Dark colors like black are believed to be able to give a slimmer body effect and can cover the body’s deficiencies. The protruding belly should choose clothes and shirts that are dark like black, blue, brown, and dark gray. These dark colors can give camouflage a flat stomach. Instead, stay away from brightly colored clothes that further accentuate your protruding belly.

3. Jeans

If you want to look casual, jeans you wear should have a waist circumference just right at the hips. Avoid the right waist circumference used at the waist because it can squeeze the stomach so that the stomach produces more advanced and bloated.

By wearing jeans on the hips and shirts that are left out, the distended abdomen becomes closed. In addition, the jeans you wear are highly recommended to have models that are quite loose compared to models that are too fitting like skinny jeans or flare jeans. Loose models on the legs will balance body proportions and make you slimmer.

4. Wear a jacket Michaelkors Outlet

The easiest is to wear a jacket to cover the bulging belly bulge. You can choose a variety of jacket models to get a more varied look. Choose a dark colored jacket to keep people’s attention on the size of your stomach.

Layering dress tips by adding a jacket or blazer to your look and monochrome style (dress in one color) will make your body look slimmer.

5. Put the shirt in the pants

For those of you who like to wear shirts, it’s a good idea to put the bottom end in your pants. This will give a neat appearance while not accentuating a distended stomach. Also remember, the shirt you wear is not too tight, make sure it fits in your body but isn’t too loose. Then, your appearance will look proportional.

6. Clothes that are sewn by themselves

It might be rather difficult to find clothes and pants that fit the body without being too tight or too loose. Well, the solution is to sew your clothes yourself. By sewing clothes on a tailor, you can adjust the size of the clothes to your body shape and ask for some parts that are intended to cover the shortcomings of the body such as a distended abdomen.

7. Simple

Instead of accentuating a big belly, it’s a good idea to keep your appearance simple with models and colors that aren’t flashy. Avoid brightly patterned clothes so they don’t attract people’s attention to your stomach. Big motives will actually emphasize your large belly and body.

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