How to Get Rid of Rust on the Watch Quickly (I)

The watch has become one of the main accessories that does have an important function. Usually the watch is an accessory that is worn every day. Watches made of metal, sometimes has a rust stain that makes it no longer look beautiful. But don’t throw away your watch yet, you can see various ways of removing rust on the watch below.

1. Using vinegar

Before removing or replacing your watch with a new one, try using vinegar as a rust remover. For maximum results you can use apple vinegar. You can also use white vinegar, but the results will not be as optimal as the work of apple vinegar.  

It’s easy, you just need to soak the watch that is rusty on vinegar until all parts are submerged. If overnight the rust has not disappeared, you can continue to soak your watch until the rust disappears. This is because vinegar is a mild substance so it requires more time as a rust remover.  

After that you can rub the rust using aluminum coir. But remember, these tips only apply to watches that do have waterproof properties. If your watch is not water resistant it should not be cleaned this way.    

2. Try using potatoes

Besides using vinegar, you can also use potatoes as a way to remove rust. Potatoes have oxalic acid which can eliminate the buildup of rust. Well, this method can be used for you who have a watch that is not waterproof.  

The first thing you have to do is slice the potatoes into several wide but rather thin portions. Cover one of the potatoes with baking soda, then rub on the rusty watch section. Finally, all you have to do is scrub it using an aluminum husk to make your watch shine again.

3. Lime can also be a rust cleaner Michaelkors Outlet

You surely already know that lime does have many benefits, both for the body and for skin beauty. But there is one more benefit of lime, which is to help you get rid of rust on the watch.  

The trick starts from squeeze the lime and add a little water. Do not add too much water because it will reduce acid. Then, sprinkle the part that is rusty with salt and soak it in lime juice. Same as apple cider vinegar, then finish by rubbing the rusty part using aluminum fiber.

4. Use rust cleaning spray

If you want a faster way you can buy Brasso. This is a special product that can be used to remove rust from metals. Not only watches, Brasso can also be used to remove rust stains on household utensils, to home appliances.  

Because its function is to remove rust, different from other methods, Brasso does not require a long time. The only way is you just drip this liquid on the rusty part. Then, rub the watch until the rust disappears and your watch goes back to normal.

5. Using soft drinks

Just like apple cider vinegar and lime juice, if you don’t have both, you can use soft drinks. All that remains is to soak a rusty watch into a full glass filled with soft drinks. Let stand until drinking soda works to remove rust.  

But indeed soft drinks will not work as effectively as apple vinegar and lime juice. But it can be an alternative way to reduce rust on the watch.

6. Use baking soda

Baking soda can, help you to get rid of rust on the watch. It’s easy, just mix baking soda with water until it thickens. There is no specific measurement for making the dough, just pay attention until the texture is really thick.  

After it has thickened, apply the mixture to the rusted watch area. Let stand for a few moments. After that, you can rub it using a cloth or aluminum foil sponge.    

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