How to Get Rid of Rust on the Watch Quickly (II)

7. Chemical-based rust removal liquid

For those of you who want a more practical way to use this liquid.  Usually the basic ingredients of this liquid contain phosphoric acid or oxalate. The thing to remember is, be careful about using this product because it can be dangerous for the skin. So pay attention and follow the instructions properly and correctly.    

8. You can also use diesel

How to remove rust on this one watch may indeed be rather difficult. But if other rust removers can’t, maybe you can try a way to get rid of this rust. The first step you have to get diesel first, because the liquid will be the main rust remover in this way.  

You can pour a little diesel into a bowl, then soak the rusty watch. Make sure the rusty parts are completely submerged. After that, you can leave it overnight, and let the reaction first arise. You can lift the watch if you feel that the immersion process is sufficient.  

After that you can dry the watch. The next step, you can use a brush or dry cloth to rub the rust on the watch. If you have rubbed all sides, rinse your watch using water, this is also intended to rust dissolve in water. If you have rust remaining, you can repeat the process of removing rust from the first step again.  

Well, diesel fuel might leave a pungent odor on these watches. If you already feel your watch is completely clean, you can wash it the normal way, so that the odor disappears.

9. Use powdered citric acid

The acid content is indeed the main ingredient as a way to remove rust, especially for watches. If using acid from lemon or vinegar is considered less successful, you can buy powdered citric acid which is sold on the market as a rust remover.  

To get rid of rust, the way you just mix the citric acid powder with water, then stir until mixed and produce a perfect solution of citric acid. After that you can soak your watch in the solution for the night. Michaelkors Outlet

If you have enough, you can take it and dry the watch. Then prepare a sponge made of aluminum foil and a dry cloth. Rub the rusty part of the watch by slightly pressing it so that the rust is completely gone. If it’s still not completely clean, you can repeat the rust removal method from the beginning again.    

10. Use kerosene

Kerosene is already hard to find. Because it is hard to find, so sometimes the price soars. But if you have problems with the appearance of rust, kerosene can be a very effective rust remover!  

Not only watches, you can use kerosene as a rust remover on household appliances. It’s easy, you just have to soak your watch in kerosene in a container, like a bowl. Wait a few moments, then lift and rinse your watch until it is completely clean.    

11. Tea powder is also a powerful way with fresh fragrance!

If the rust remover uses substances or devices that smell bad, you can try this way so that the watch also has a fresh fragrance. You can use tea powder, you know!  

Only indeed you will need other ingredients in how to remove rust on this one. The first step, mix one teaspoon, salt, or baking soda powder with one tablespoon of lemon flavor. Apply the results of the rust remover mixture on the rusty watch.  

Let stand 15-20 minutes safely, then wipe with a dry cloth. If not completely clean, you can repeat this method two to three times so that the results are more optimal. Guaranteed rust on the watch will disappear, while leaving a fresh fragrance!    

12. Brush and toothpaste to remove rust gradually

From jewelry to metal watches, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Especially if you often use your watch for daily activities or activities. Rust that will appear over time can you overcome or prevent by rubbing toothpaste with a soft toothbrush. In addition to overcoming rust, stubborn stains or dirt on the watch can also disappear, here.

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