How to Keep Your Razors Clean

Are you diligent about shaving? It is highly recommended to always pay attention to the routine activities. However, do not forget about the care and cleanliness of the equipment used. Keeping a razor clean and free of germs plus bacteria is nothing but in the interest of your body to always look healthy and fit. Haphazardly putting a razor can result in the development of bacteria from the outside. Especially if you accidentally injure your chin with a razor, things that are undesirable such as irritation to irritation can occur. Currently shaving is arguably the primary need of men, especially if used to appear neat with the desired mustache and beard. For that, know how to properly care for a razor to keep it clean and free of germs and bacteria

  • Remember the frequency of wearing razor knives

It’s important to remember that the razor that you use often never forgets to always be replaced. If you own a mustache or beard that is classified as dense and has a relatively high intensity of using a razor, you should always remember when to start using a new one. If you shave your mustache or beard every day, don’t forget to replace the razor at least after six to eight times of use. If this is done routinely, it will certainly facilitate effectiveness and sanitation when shaving.

  • Get used to clean the knife after use

After you finish shaving with a razor, don’t forget to always clean it. No hassle. All you have to do is provide a container filled with water, then rinse the razor that has been used by gently flushing it. After that, leave it for about five minutes in a container filled with hot water, and rinse carefully. This method aims to remove the dirt that clings like bacteria, dead skin cells, and the remaining thin beard or mustache hair attached to the razor. Having a razor with a guarantee of good quality, of course have to spend a lot of money. So, take good care so that it is always clean and durable. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Always dry the razor

Either after using it on the face or just cleaning it with water, hurry up to dry it with a cloth, towel or dry tissue that is clean and not wet. Do not let it go, because the razor blade can potentially rust if it is not dried properly. If you unwittingly use a rusty razor, in addition to irritation and allergic skin on the face, infection can also occur eventually. So, dry it thoroughly until it is completely dry.

  • Keep your razor in right place

Never put a razor in the bathroom without a dry container. Humidity in the bathroom has the potential to cause the development of bacteria on the surface of the razor that you often use. It’s good to look for a place that is dry and not damp. It is also useful to minimize the development of visible bacteria.

  • Avoid exchanging razors

Do not intend to exclude themselves, here. Sharing a razor with friends, relatives or anyone is the same as sharing germs and bacteria attached to the razor. Like a toothbrush, you don’t want to get infected because you share a razor too often, do you? So, don’t even try to lend it.

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