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Even if you can’t control your genetics or natural physical traits, you can control how you use your gifts. Good appearance is a combination of several factors, including body care, personality, and style. Here’s how to stand out and bring out the best in yourself.
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Dress up

The easiest and simplest way you can do to look good is to keep your body clean. When you are clean and smell good, other people will want to be close to you subconsciously. Include the following steps in your daily routine.

  1. Use deodorant.
    Find a scent and scent intensity that suits you, and apply it immediately after showering. If you find you sweat a lot or smell bad throughout the day, put the deodorant in your bag or suitcase so you can use it again at any time.
    If you forgot to apply deodorant before leaving the house, apply a hand sanitizer solution to your underarms. The solution kills the bacteria that produce unpleasant body odors. You may need to reapply several times throughout the day.

2. Shower every day.
Wash your hair thoroughly. Use liquid soap or bars that smell fresh and clean. If you shower in the morning, consider buying a steam-resistant glass so you can wash your face and shave while you’re in the shower.

3 . Use cologne or body spray.
Your scent throughout the day can make or break your attractiveness. When you use it properly, people will automatically be attracted to you. Otherwise, the effect is quite the opposite; people can stay away from you. Here are some basic guidelines that you can follow:
Don’t use too much perfume. The most important rule of scent: not too strong. Remember, even good things in excess are not good. Roses do smell good, but you can get nauseous if you inhale deeply the rose oil concentrate. Spray a cologne or body spray up to two or three times. Your nose gets used to the scent and stops “smelling” it after a few minutes, but other people can still smell the scent over your body.
Choose a scent that matches your body’s natural scent.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so not all scents are suitable for everyone. Some people have a “nice” scent that certain people wear. If possible, try a cologne or body spray sample before you buy it. Use the sample for a day, and have a friend rate the smell after a few hours of use.
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Try matching soap with the cologne you use. It doesn’t have to smell exactly the same, but it should be similar so as not to produce clashing scents.
Apply cologne on pulse points. In certain parts of the body, a lot of blood flows near the surface of the skin, which warms up throughout the day, increasing the temperature of the cologne and the intensity of the scent. These pulse points include the wrists, throat, and nape.

4 Wash your face every morning and every night.

Naturally, if men have higher testosterone levels than women. Hormones are the culprit for acne. Overcome this problem by keeping your face clean.
Choose products that are suitable for your skin type. Here are some of the most common:

  • Sensitive / dry skin: If your skin tends to be flaky and dry, or gets red and irritated easily, use a very gentle cleanser. No need to use a toner, and use a light moisturizer.
  • Combination skin / T zone: If your forehead, nose, and chin – commonly known as the T zone – you tend to be oily, but your cheeks are dry, your skin is classified as “combination”. Most people have this skin type, so choose a cleanser that is suitable for normal or combination skin. Apply a gentle toner to your T-zone, then apply some moisturizer.
  • Oily skin: If your skin tends to be oily all over your face, choose a cleanser that is clay-based or that absorbs oil. Apply a gentle toner all over your face, then apply a light moisturizer. If your skin feels oily during the day, light up the facial wax paper, which you can find at cosmetic and skincare stores.
  • If you have acne on your face, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid and apply benzoyl peroxide cream to the pimples. If these efforts don’t work, see a dermatologist.

5. Shave or trim your facial hair.

Whether you have a smooth face without hair, or keep your sideburns, no problem. What is important, take care of your facial hair every day.
For a clean shaved look, shave each morning before you head to work or college. Wet your skin first, and use a sharp razor and shaving cream. Shaving against the grain (that is, in the opposite direction of hair growth, from the jaw to the cheeks) results in a more smooth, but more irritating, shave. If you have trouble dealing with ingrown hairs, try shaving in the direction the hair grows.

Trim your sideburns, mustache and beard. Make sure the edges are neat and clean, and trim the hairs so they are the same length. When washing your face, make sure you scrub the skin under your facial hair as well.

6. Trim your eyebrows (optional).
You don’t have to pluck the hairs of your eyebrows, but neat eyebrows can make your whole appearance tidier. Here’s a basic guide:
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  • Look for good tweezers. The two pincers must really meet so that the extraction process is painless and more efficient.
  • Use your face as a guide. Hold a pencil, hold it against the edge of one nostril so that the shaft of the pencil crosses the brow. Using the pencil bar as the outline, pluck the hairs that are either on the outside or in the “unibrow” area (located above the nose, right in the middle of the eyebrows, where the hairs that appear make the eyebrows look together). Use this pencil technique to straighten the other eyebrow.
  • Trim the arch of the eyebrows. If your brows are still bushy after you pluck the center hairs, try plucking the hairs below the arch. Remember, just the one under the brow. Don’t pluck the hair on top.

7. Clean and clip the nails.
Every two or three days, after showering, take a minute to cut 20 nails and scrape up any dirt stuck underneath. Nails are softer and easier to clean after a few minutes of water exposure to your body. You should cut your fingernails and toes short, leaving a thin line of white tips.

8. Clean your teeth with a toothbrush or dental floss.
Fight bad breath and maintain a bright white smile by taking care of your teeth.

Change your toothbrush regularly. At least every 3 months, or after you recover from the flu or other infectious disease. When toothbrush bristles start to curl out, this is a sign you need a new one.

  • Floss your teeth every night. Dental floss not only removes plaque and food debris from your mouth, but is thought to also prevent heart disease.
  • Brush the tongue. Your teeth may be sparkling, but you can still grapple with bad breath when your tongue is dirty. With a toothbrush, gently rub the surface of your tongue several times each time you brush your teeth. Don’t rub too hard to avoid damaging the tongue tissue.
  • Finish with a mouth freshener. Gargle the solution for 20 seconds, then spit it out

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