How to look good for men (iii)

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That said, men are determined by the clothes they wear! You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to look good, but the clothes you wear definitely reveal who you are. Consider starting to fill your wardrobe with the following steps

  1. Always dress well.

Of course, every morning! Even if you only dress casual everyday, don’t just pick up clothes. Choose clothes that are appropriate and match your activities.

2. Shop with friends.

When buying clothes, you may find it difficult to choose the right outfit, especially since you can’t see all parts of your body in the mirror. Plus, clothes that look great on celebrities or male models may not necessarily suit you! So, take a friend who looks good and knows enough about fashion to shop for clothes with you.

3. Wear clothes that fit.

You can wear the most expensive suit jacket in the world and still look weird if it’s too tight or too loose. Your clothes should fit your body. This means that the bottom of the pants should touch or cover the ankles, the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt should touch or cover the wrists, and the bottom of the shirt should touch the hips.
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  • Try on all the clothes before you buy them and ask your friends to see them from all sides! Don’t rely on clothing size labels as that is only a rough estimate.
  • In general, the bottom of your trousers should never touch your shoes. Meanwhile, the long sleeves of the shirt should cover the elbows and the bottom hem should touch the hips. Even your underwear needs to fit perfectly!
  • Be prepared to try on a few pieces of clothing before you buy them. If none of the clothes look good on you in one shop, go to another store. Don’t settle for it and buy clothes that look ordinary.
  • Don’t buy clothes online, because you can’t try them on first, so chances are, they won’t fit properly. Plus, without trying on clothes first, you won’t know if they look good when you wear them (even if they look great when the models in the photos!)
  • Don’t try to hide your body. Whether you are embarrassed by feeling too fat or thin, trying to hide it in loose clothing will only make your appearance worse. You don’t have to wear clothes that fit properly, but it’s best to avoid clothes that are too loose or loose.
  • If the finished garment does not match your size, find a tailor that is not too expensive. Maybe your hips are small, but your legs are long, so there are no jeans that fit. Buy clothes that are slightly larger than your body size and take them to a tailor to fit them. Most of the cleaners also offer a dress size change service at a fairly cheap price.
  • Get rid of old clothes. You might like an old T-shirt from high school. However, the size may not fit anymore. The size and shape of your clothes and your body change over time. While they may still fit properly, the clothes you’ve had for two or three years may look worn and out of date.

4. Know how to accentuate your best body shape.

Here’s a basic dress code: light colors accentuate, dark colors hide. For example, if you like your shoulders but don’t really like your feet, try wearing dark jeans and a light t-shirt.

5. Identify the colors that suit you.

The right color will make your skin look amazing, while the wrong color can make you look dull and pale. Here are some tests you can try:

  • Do you think you look better in white or ivory? Try to hold a plain white shirt at face level, then replace it with an ivory shirt. If you’re like most people, one of the two colors looks better with your skin. Then continue to wear that one color.
  • Do you decide that you look better in black or brown? The differences are not as stark as white and ivory, but some people look better wearing black, while others are better off wearing brown. Once you’ve made a choice, don’t mix and match the colors. For example, don’t wear brown shoes and a brown belt with black pants. Wear black shoes, black belt, and black pants. Or chocolate.
  • Which “warm” or “cool” colors do you prefer? Cool colors are generally a range of blues, purples, dark greens, and bluish reds. While warm colors are generally a series of yellow, orange, brown, and yellowish red. An easy way to find the answer is to hold two pieces of clothing at face level; one bluish red, one yellowish red. Which one looks better with your skin? If you need help differentiating between warm and cool colors, look online for color charts that show them.

6. Fill your wardrobe with basic, timeless style clothes.

These clothes won’t go out of style too quickly, and they should be made of quality materials so they will last for years. Choose a polo shirt in plain colors, a plain or plaid button-down shirt, dark blue jeans, a plain black and white t-shirt (no ads or graphic design), a plain blazer, dark fabric pants, a dark jacket that fits snugly. your body, formal shoes with laces, and white sneakers. You can always mix and match for a great look.

7. Wash clothes regularly.

Some types of clothing can be worn repeatedly before they get dirty (such as jeans or jackets), but shirts, underwear, and socks can only be worn once before you need to wash them. Set a regular schedule for washing clothes so that you don’t waste the morning looking for the clean ones.
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  • When washing t-shirts and pants, dry the machine until it is slightly damp. Then, hang the clothes to dry. This method is useful for reducing wrinkles in clothes.
  • It’s best to iron your clothes before drying them completely. You should iron your jeans too.
  • Store clothes (other than underwear) in a hanging cupboard or after folding them neatly so they don’t crease.

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