How to look good for men (v)

Caring for the Body

1 Eat a healthy diet.

Apply a healthy diet so that you avoid bad breath and bad body odor. Also maintains the health and slimness of your body. Try applying the following guidelines in your diet:
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  • Avoid foods low in nutrients and foods high in sugar. It doesn’t matter if you eat it every now and then, but don’t eat it every day. Limit consumption of soda, beer, candy, potato chips, and other unhealthy foods to one day per week.
  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. You may have heard it hundreds of times, but fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. Try to choose fresh fruit, such as apples, oranges, and pears, as snacks. Include at least one type of vegetable in your lunch and dinner menus.
  • Learn to prepare your own food. Start with the easy ones, like boiling eggs, making sandwiches and salads, cooking burgers and steaks, heating frozen vegetables, cooking rice and pasta. Apart from saving you money, this habit will nourish you as well as impress others!

2 Sports

Regular physical activity not only makes your body look more attractive, it also boosts your spirits and prevents you from getting sick. Set a schedule that you can follow, and stick to it. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Sepatu Branded

  • Do basic stretches like sit-ups, push-ups, and other exercises every day. Repeat consistently. Then, as your muscles build, increase the amount of exercise – the results will be visible immediately!
  • Try a different weightlifting session. Do as much as you can, but don’t push yourself too hard, and rest for a few days to help restore and build your muscles. Exercising too hard every day is not good! But, what if your body is too muscular? No need to worry. Bodybuilders in magazines look great because lifting weights is their main livelihood. You will not experience it.
  • The main types of lifting include : Bench Press (lifting weights while lying down), Squat (squatting), Military Press (lifting weights while sitting, by shifting the weight forward when the weight is lowered), Deadlift (lifting weights from squatting to standing), and Curls (bicep exercises, usually with a barbell). If you need to work your chest muscles, consider an Incline Press (like the Bench Press, but with a higher angle of the arm). If you need a harder workout, consider Power Clean (lifting weights like bodybuilding), Push-press (similar to Military Press, but with a push from the legs). If that’s not enough, try Bar Snatch (lifting weights while squatting), lifting weights above your head until your hands are straight up, lifting weights from the floor in a squat to standing position, or some other type of lifting. If you have a game membership card, use it frequently, then use a machine like “lat pulldown” to perfect your workout.
  • Walk, jog, bike, or run for 30 minutes or as far as 1.5 to 3 kilometers (if you are cycling, running, jogging, or walking to school or work, then you are practically exercising; activities that are good for the stomach, your legs and back). These activities make your body systems more flexible and better prepared to face challenges.
  • Consider exercising in the morning. This activity nourishes the skin and keeps it looking good throughout the day. As long as you don’t forget to shower! Sometimes, because of the busy day, you sweat. His sweat definitely didn’t smell good. Taking a shower after sweating can get rid of that unpleasant body odor.

3 Increase your intelligence.

For some women, nothing is more attractive than male intelligence. Study and work hard to get good grades. Read it every day, and read the newspapers so you are aware of the latest news.

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  • Don’t pay too much attention to your crush. You may be considered a “stalker.” Talk to him. If it turns out that he doesn’t like you, just accept the truth. Why waste your precious time on something you can’t achieve? If you maintain your self-esteem and stop bothering him and then shift your attraction to other people, he may end up liking you later.
  • Don’t spit on the ground when you walk.
  • If you get a pimple or two on your face, don’t worry too much. Everyone experiences it several times during their growing up years. As long as you don’t make a fuss about it, other people won’t even notice. To treat occasional pimples, forget about “anti-acne” pimples. Simply compress the pimple with a warm towel for a few hours. Most pimples last only a few days, unless skin irritation or infection has already occurred.
  • Don’t get dressed up suddenly; In fact, you will appear as if you are trying too hard to be someone else. Make the changes gradually over a month. Make sure both your behavior and those of your friends are supportive.
  • Don’t try to be a different person. It is okay to explore and develop various aspects of your personality, but don’t force yourself to be something different from how you really feel. So yourself is attractive. Other people can sniff out your pretense anyway. If someone can’t respect you for who you are, then they don’t deserve your time and attention, do they?
  • If you think your personality isn’t really attractive, think about the parts of your personality that you find less attractive. Be aware of tendencies that bother you and others. Hide the habit. Or, realize when it happened. And, once it happens, get rid of it! After all this time, there won’t be any bad personalities left. As long as you look good, girls love it.
  • Sneeze to clear your nose. Nobody likes a man’s snort, and most people are disgusted by seeing dirt sticking to a man’s nose. To avoid this, always carry a handkerchief, and use it!
  • Always be considerate of other people’s feelings. If you’re constantly talking about yourself, the only friend you have is you.
  • Don’t be rude or deliberately belittle other people in public. Such behavior can actually create a negative impression of you. Be polite!
  • Be brave in front of women. They like it when you can stay strong and protect them when they are afraid.
  • When you try to impress your crush, never – under any circumstances – point out your weaknesses. Even when he didn’t say anything! He may not be aware of your weaknesses, but may find out after you point them out.

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