How to Look Stylish Wearing a Watch with a Bracelet

Does wearing a watch with the bracelet look ‘too much’? Make no mistake, with the right match the combination of watches and bracelets can be a stylish combination. Do you want to know how? Here are 5 stylish ways to wear a watch together with a bracelet.

1. Choose a classic color combination

In combining a watch with a bracelet you can choose classic color combinations such as gold and black. With this combination, your appearance will look more chic!

2. Don’t use excessive bracelets

When combining bracelets and watches, you need to pay attention to the bracelet design. Choose a bracelet with a simple and petite design. Avoid using bangle type bracelets which will actually make you look excessive.

3. Choose a matching design Michaelkors Outlet

You can also adjust the design of your bracelet and watch. For example if your watch strap has a chain design, you can also choose a bracelet with a chain design to make the two a matching combination.

4. Choose thin or medium-strapped watches

In matching your watch with a bracelet, pay attention to the shape of your watch. Choose a watch with a thin or medium strap so it does not collide with the equivalent bracelet.

5. Choose a classic model watch

So that you are not difficult to match the watch with a bracelet, choose a watch with a classic model that matches paired with a variety of other accessories.

In essence, don’t be afraid to try to match your watch and bracelet. Most important of all is to pay attention to the composition and suitability of your watch and bracelet to make it look chic!

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