How to Make Your Own Pomade Easy and Economical

Pomade has now become part of a man’s lifestyle and appearance. With the pomade, you can do the right styling to get the best hair style to perfect your look. For loyal users of Pomade, do you know that pomade can be made at home? Come on, try creating your own pomade with the following ingredients and steps!

Ingredients for Making Pomade

1. Beeswax or Honey Candle

Beeswax or honey wax is a candle that is produced naturally by bees to make hives. This type of wax is very commonly used as a cosmetic ingredient that is moisturizing and shiny.

2. Coconut Oil or Other Natural Oils

Coconut oil is one of the natural ingredients of hair care that works to overcome damaged hair and eliminate dandruff. The use of coconut oil can be replaced with other ingredients such as hazelnut oil according to the needs and properties you want to get.

3. Clay Bentonite or Clay Bentonite

Resistant to clay or concrete is a type of clay formed from weathering volcanic ash. Bentotite clay is rich in calcium and sodium and is able to absorb and expand so that it is often used as medicine and cosmetic ingredients. If used on hair, this clay can ward off free radicals.

4. Essential Oils

As an additional material, you can provide fragrances. Essential oils that are used can also adjust to your taste. Common scents used to make pomade are sandalwood and vanilla.

How to make Pomade Michaelkors Outlet

1. Melt Beeswax by placing beeswax in a small magkok placed in a pot of boiling water cooked on the stove.

2. When it has melted, mix coconut oil or other natural oils. Stir until smooth and slightly thickened.

3. After mixing evenly, turn off the heat and enter the bentotite clay which has been softened previously with water.

4. Add essential oils as needed and stir again.

5. Transfer the pomade mixture to the storage and wait for it to harden and ready to use.

Very easy is not making pomade? Not only can you save, you can also adjust the ingredients and properties of pomade according to your own hair needs, you know! Come on, immediately try to create your own pomade.

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