Chino khaki pants are one of the basic items that must be owned by every man, especially men who care about their appearance. Mister’s reason for saying why men should have chino khaki pants is that this item is a classic item that can be worn for all ages both young and adult, then chino khaki pants can be worn in a variety of events, both formal and casual, and the color is very basic (versatile) so it is easy to mix and match with all the items in your closet. Well, to make your appearance look more cool, here are some mix and match ideas for chino khaki pants that you can follow. Michaelkors Outlet

1. For Casual Appearance

Actually there are many ways to combine khino khaki pants with various outfits. Usually when wearing Chino khaki pants, Mister mixes and matches it with a boss such as, wearing a shirt, shirt or sweater, and for the output itself, you can wear either a denim jacket or a leather jacket and maybe a cardigan option is also okay to accompany you when hanging out with friends or just enjoy your coffee at your favorite coffee shop. To maximize casual style, try to choose sneakers, but if you want to wear other shoes, you can, how comfortable you are. Don’t forget to add accessories such as glasses, hats or bags to make it even cooler!

2. For Semi-Formal Appearance

Actually the item used for semi-formal style is not so far from the casual style, only semi-formal style seems more neat does not mean casual style is not neat huh. What you mean is different appearance and purpose. For semi-formal style you can usually use to attend an event or go to the office, in addition to this style you can also use when you want to date with your crush. Tas Branded

To get this look, it’s quite simple how to mix your shirt with the output like a blazer or stacked a sweater, besides that you can also really combine a shirt with a blazer. Well, for those of you who want to wear a shirt just try to mix it with a tie or other accessories such as suspenders to get a vintage look. For his own shoes Mister recommends that you use loafers, oxford or derbies.

3. For Formal Appearance

You can also wear chino khaki pants for formal occasions, the method is also not complicated. Just mix it with a boss like a shirt and suit, don’t forget to add accessories like a tie or a scarf wrapped around your neck. To maximize your style try to choose formal shoes. For the pants yourself, it would be better if you didn’t roll it up to make it look more professional and look neat.

Actually there are still many styles that you can apply when wearing these chino khaki pants, but all three of these styles already represents your activities every day, such as casual styles that you can wear when going out for hangouts with your friends, or semi-formal styles that can be applied when going on a date with your crush or lover, and finally a formal style that you can wear when you go to the office and meet important people in your work. Sepatu Branded

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