How to Resolve Bad Hair Day?

In addition to loss, hair problems that are often experienced are limp and oily. Not only makes the appearance so less optimal, limp hair certainly makes you feel uncomfortable because usually the scalp feels itchy.

Hair limp usually occurs due to excess production of oil in the hair so that dirt easily sticks. You certainly don’t want to have a bad hair day because your hair is limp and greasy all day? Especially if you are going to an important event that makes you have to perform optimally from head to toe. Don’t worry, there are 7 effective ways you can do to deal with limp and oily hair in an instant.

  • Remove excess oil from the hair with warm water

To overcome limp hair of course you have to reduce the excess oil in the hair. The way you can do is to wash your hair with warm water. Compared to cold water, warm water is more effective at removing excess oil and dirt from each strand of hair. But make sure the water you use is not too hot huh. Water that is too hot will actually make your hair fall out.

  • Conditioner can indeed nourish hair, but don’t use it at the base of the hair

The use of conditioner after shampooing is highly recommended so that the hair becomes softer and easier to comb. But you need to pay attention to the use of conditioners so as not to touch the base of the hair because it will make the scalp more oily.

  • Don’t have time to wash it? Just use Dry Shampoo!

Hair that is not shampooed will usually be limp and oily. Well for those of you who don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, don’t worry because now there is a Dry Shampoo. Unlike the normal shampoo, dry shampoo does not need to be rinsed with water, so you can use this shampoo when the hair is dry. Although no need to rinse, dry shampoo can also cleanse and even absorb excess oil in the hair. Hair is still volume and free from limp all day.

  • Baby powder not only makes oil-free hair but also can make hair smell good Michaelkors Outlet

Don’t have time to buy dry shampoo? Relax, you can use baby powder instead of dry shampoo really Toppers. Like dry shampoo, baby powder effectively absorbs excess oil on the scalp. Make sure you rub baby powder on your hands first, yes Toppers so your hair does not look white. But it should be noted here Toppers, baby powder only acts as an oil absorbent on the scalp, not a medium for cleaning hair.

  • You can use your hair roll on your limp hair

It turns out hair roll can save you from limp hair attacks. By using a roll, you can make the hair become more volume so it doesn’t seem too runny. You can roll your hair for 30-60 minutes so that the results are more optimal.

  • Avoid excessive use of vitamins or hair serum

Hair vitamins or serums are very good for nourishing hair. But be careful, excessive use of vitamins or serum will actually make your hair more greasy and limp. Therefore, you should use vitamins or hair serum as needed and make sure only in the stem and ends of the hair. Applying vitamins or serum to the base of the hair will only make oil production in the scalp area so that the hair looks increasingly limp.

  • Lemon is not only good for health but can also ward off excess hair oil

The acid content in lemon turns out to be able to lift excess oil on the scalp. The method is quite easy, you only need to rub lemon juice on the scalp evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse using cold water and followed by shampooing. These tips are very effective not only to deal with flat hair but also to eliminate dandruff.

Very easy to overcome limp and oily hair. By doing 1 of the 7 tips above, guaranteed you will avoid bad hair day. Good luck!

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