How to Take Care of a Jeans Jacket So It Does Not Fade

In addition to the versatile colors and styles, jeans jackets are indeed suitable as a fashion item that can be collected. But you know what? Caring for your jeans jacket to keep it ‘long life’ is also a bit tricky. Come on, see the tips below! Michaelkors Outlet

  • Every time you use it, don’t wash it right away, Bela. If you have a tool such as a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, you can use it to clean it regularly.
  • If it’s too dirty, for example 3-5 times of use, wash it the right way. Soak in water with detergent for 15 minutes, then use a soft brush to remove dirt. Sepatu Branded
  • Dry the jeans jacket in the shade! Avoid directly exposing it to the sun, Bela. The hot rays from the sun can make the color of your jeans jacket fade, so … be more careful when drying!
  • When ironing the jacket, make sure you use the right temperature. Too low a temperature will not kill germs when the jacket is dry in the sun, but too high a temperature can also fade the color.
  • Make sure you store your jeans jacket in a dry and not humid place. Don’t get in the habit of hanging your jeans jacket in the bathroom, you know, Bela. This habit is a trivial thing that can make your jeans jacket worn out quickly. Tas Branded

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