How to Use a Folding Razor Like a Professional Stylist

In the famous James Bond film Skyfall which features a cut-throat shaving scene, the scene influences a large increase in sales of straight razors. Suddenly folding knives became so popular. Yes, you can visit the old haircut if you want more practical.   But if you master the basics of shaving, you can also do it comfortably in your own bathroom. The added point is that you will get very good shaving results. Check it out right away!

  1. The tools needed

The first thing you need is a razor. Razors can vary greatly in price, so keep in mind which brands are the best to buy. Always use razor blades or razors that are quality and sharp. At the time of shaving, you not only cut hair, but also will scratch the outer layer of the skin surface. If you use a razor or a blunt razor, your face is at risk of getting pimples.

To get the perfect cut shave, make sure you buy a good shaving cream. Pay attention if your skin is prone to acne, make sure the shaving cream does not contain perfume. The less foam the cream produces, the better the shaving cream will be.

You also need a soft brush to clean the remnants of hair on the face. Hair brushes help cool the skin after shaving and reduce irritation. Before shaving, wash your face using a scrub. Wet the knife before shaving and apply shaving cream to the area of ​​facial hair. A common mistake in shaving is to pat shaving cream on the face, it will make the hair stick to the skin and can cause hair to grow inward.

2. How to hold the razor straight

To hold the razor straight, place the first three fingers behind the knife and your pinkie on the pliers. Then place your thumb on the side of the knife near the center. When shaving, rinse the razor after several swipes in hot or warm water. This is done to get rid of shaving cream and skin cells that come peeled off. The use of hot water can help lubrication of the skin.

3. Shave with a straight razor

Stretch the skin with your hands and rub the knife on your skin at an angle of 30-35 degrees. It takes time to find the right angle, but don’t be too tilted because it will scratch the skin. Start from the side of the mustache and then towards the chin. The beard on the chin is an area that is usually difficult to shave, therefore for the chin area to be soft, it must be given more and longer shaving cream.   When shaving the neck, lift your chin as high as possible and pull the neck skin down. And when you want to shave facial hair under your nose, pull your nose up to grab complex hair under your nose. If you feel a slight resistance from the blade to a certain hair, lift the blade up and do it in a different direction. Michaelkors Outlet

Always shaving in the direction of growing facial hair, be sure to rinse the knife in hot water regularly. Do not shave the clumps of hair up or in the opposite direction, because it can create hair growing into the surface of the skin. Moreover, it can cause inflammation, and even possibly infection.

4. Rinse your face with warm water

Shortly after shaving is a time when the skin condition becomes vulnerable. Rinse your face with warm water, and use facial wash to help cleanse and protect the skin from spots and rashes from shaving.

5. Use lotion cream after rinse

Shaving can exfoliate up to two layers on the surface of the skin. This is why we have to use a quality moisturizer after shaving. Using a shaving gel or cream and moisturizing after shaving is an ideal way to replace lost moisture, and soothe the skin.  You should try this technique on Sunday to get used to it. Find the right angle to do it right. Overall, the whole process takes between 15 to 20 minutes.

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