How To Use Denim Overalls For A Stunning And Appealing Look

For men, a shirt suit with cloth pants, or a hoodie and t-shirt is a “safe” fashion item to wear. They rarely use other items for fear of being labeled “weird”.

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One item that is very rarely used by men is denim overalls. Or, in Indonesia, we call it a ‘frog shirt’. I don’t know who coined the term.
For men, this suit is “feminine” and does not have a “masculine” look so they will avoid it as much as possible. But in fact, this outfit is perfect for men, as long as you know how to mix and match! Here are some styles to be your reference material!

  • Casual looks in pair with a hoodie

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If you want something casual, this look can be a reference. You can pair the hoodie with denim overalls for an eye catching look. Pair this look with sandals for a more casual result and high top sneakers for a less casual look.

  • Wear your tee!

Back to basic, where you can use a t-shirt as a pair of denim overalls. Try to have your t-shirt fit to the body. You can use a t-shirt with a pattern or plain, as well as long or short sleeves.
You can use boots for an edge and bold result and sneakers for a casual result. Sepatu Branded

Well, how about it, now you are not confused anymore to mix and match denim overalls? Come on, try it right away!

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