How to wear a white t-shirt so still look stylish

For women, do men look 10% more attractive when wearing white T-shirts? so at least according to the results of research by Nottingham Trent University in England. Whether this conclusion can be trusted one hundred percent or not, a plain white T-shirt is a fashion investment that is simple, never out of date, comfortable, flexible, and easily combined. Besides that the white color is very suitable for a tropical climate. One thing to note is to keep it bright white. It is better you find out how to whiten clothes here so that the appearance is maintained and durable clothes. Many choices of white T-shirts on the market, what should be considered?

  • Quality. Choose a T-shirt made from 100% cotton with a rather thick fiber. Good quality tends to be more durable, not change shape, and neat seams. Quality material is also easy to clean as long as you follow the right way to whiten clothes according to the maintenance instructions. Michaelkors Outlet
  • Neckline. Choose the neck line according to your body. If you’re the type of big-breasted man and often trains the upper body in the gym, V-neck pieces will highlight these assets. If your upper body seems thin or not full, U-neck pieces can be an option. Not a t-shirt. Don’t compare a plain white T-shirt with a plain white short-sleeved shirt. Although the ingredients can be the same, usually the material is thinner because it serves to absorb sweat and to dry quickly.
  • The right size. Ideally the size of a T-shirt is body fit but not tightly attached to the body to accentuate all your muscles or fat. Look for a comfortable size that allows you to move freely, fall a little below the hip line, and have the right shoulder crossing. Avoid larger sizes than you are supposed to, this will not hide the body part that you want to disguise but instead accentuates.

A plain white T-shirt is the same as a clean canvas that you can play according to personal style, events, and moods. This shirt is very flexible because it can be used for casual events to semiformal. It all depends on how you mix and match. Cleverly choose the alloy will produce a stylish and trendy appearance at any age.

The easiest and always trendy favorite choice is to combine white T-shirts with jeans that fit snugly and neatly. The rest, add a little of your personal style with a few options below:

  1. Accessory. A white T-shirt will accentuate the accessories you wore that day. It’s time to wear a masculine bracelet or necklace, a leather belt with a unique design buckle, hat, or messenger bag.
  2. Casual Blazer. Blazer made from linen or cotton combined with plain white T-shirt will make you look cool and trendy at the event with a smart casual dress code.
  3. 3. Formal Blazer. Pair it with formal blazers and jeans for semiformal events during the day. Don’t forget to choose formal shoes too to perfect your appearance.
  4. 4. Leather jacket. A leather jacket will stand out above a plain white T-shirt. Make your jacket as a star for today’s appearance. Pair with leather shoes or sneakers.
  5. Outerwear shirt. Wear a patterned flannel shirt with open buttons to embrace the white T-shirt. Make sure the T-shirt fits the body so that it doesn’t look saggy.

White has the advantage of being easily integrated with any color, but also easily highlights the disadvantages if not treated properly. Unlike a patterned shirt, a plain white T-shirt is difficult to compromise with even the slightest stain. Therefore, if the color of the T-shirt changes due to exposure to other colors, sweat stains, or perfume, immediately overcome it by whitening the right clothes according to the material. If after trying your best but the color still cannot be recovered, it means it’s time for a white T-shirt to be worn at home. Likewise with holes, tears, or fibrous fibers. Try to fix it immediately, but if it can’t be helped, wear it as a home shirt.

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