Important Point Before Hair Bleaching

As a woman, changing appearance regularly is sometimes necessary to get a new and fresher look. Not only clothing, body parts also need changes that can make it look different from before. One of the things that is usually changed from a woman is hair color. Hair as a woman’s crown does give a strong character to women. That is why, changing hair color also gives a special touch to the appearance and character of women.

Are you the type of woman who likes to dye hair? To get the hair color that suits you, hair bleaching is a process that should be done. Hair bleach is made of chemicals and requires expert handling when doing bleaching. In addition, bleached hair tends to be more sensitive and easily damaged if you don’t care for it properly. Therefore, before deciding to bleaching, there are some things you should consider first

  • Hair type

First consider your hair type before bleaching. Is your hair suitable for bleach? If your hair tends to be easily damaged, then you should restore your hair’s health before bleaching. This is because bleaching can make hair dry and easily damaged.

  • Hair Color Selection

When choosing hair color, make sure you choose a color that matches your skin tone. If you have not been able to decide what color you will use, you should first delay for hair bleaching. How to find the right hair dye with skin color you can do by trying a variety of wig colors

  • Extra Care

Bleached hair certainly requires more attention than non-colored hair. When shampooing, you should be careful and pay more attention to hair color that changes color over time. You need to know, after bleaching you should avoid shampooing and use dry shampoo just to keep hair fresh. After that, choose a variety of hair care products that are specially formulated for bleaching or colored hair.

As we know, hair bleach is a hair product made from chemicals that are quite hard. That is why when bleaching your hair, you must be prepared with the risk that your hair will become drier and more easily damaged. You can consult with experts to reduce the damage caused by this bleaching.

  • Scalp Health

Pay attention to your scalp health before bleaching. If you have problems with the scalp such as peeling or infection, you should cure it first. This is because bleaching can make the scalp condition worse.

  • Leave it to the experts

Every salon certainly offers bleaching services. Before choosing the right salon and hair dye expert, you should first find out which salon has good quality and adjust your budget. Because this is related to the condition of the hair, then choose a salon that is good at hair bleach.

  • Do the test

To find out whether bleaching is still safe for hair and scalp, you can do a little test on a small portion of your hair that is not much visible. If there are no problems with your hair and scalp, then you are free to bleaching and coloring your hair as you wish.

Those are the seven things you should consider before bleaching your hair. Remember, once your hair has been bleached, you cannot return it. Therefore, think carefully so that you can make bleaching decisions with confidence. If your hair is damaged, don’t hesitate to cut it, because there is still a fast way to lengthen hair that can regenerate your healthy hair!

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