Important Tips Regarding Perfume

After you read the article about the knowledge of perfume, this time I will give important tips about perfume. Starting from tips on choosing and buying, saving tips and tips on using perfume. Perfume is so important for our appearance, because as we know, our body’s aroma is very crucial. The sense of smell is far more sensitive than the sense of sight. Just a little unpleasant smell you smell by the target woman, damaged her impression of your appearance.

Choose Perfume  

In choosing and buying perfume is actually not easy but also not too difficult. For those of you who are still beginners in terms of perfume, you can ask and ask for recommendations to others about the perfume he likes.

But the problem is, the scent of perfume when worn by each person is not the same, because it is also influenced by the basic aroma of our body. Here are the things you can follow in choosing perfume:

1. Consider the smell of others. Choosing the right perfume is not just because you like the scent, but you also have to consider the smell of others. For those of you who are beginners, perfume with a Citrus scent is a safe choice, almost all women love it.

2. Do a sniff test. In finding the right perfume, you must be diligent in doing a sniff test for various perfume scents. But limit the maximum of 3 perfume a day, because if more than that your sense of smell has been reduced and it is difficult to distinguish from the previous aroma.

3. Spray perfume during the sniff test. If you go to a mall or perfume shop to do a sniff test, spray it on your arm instead of the cardboard the seller gave. Wait for about 15 minutes so that the aroma is mixed with oil in your arm.

If you like the scent, try asking opinion from some mall visitors, all of you can hit them as taught by the Hitman System. If they like the scent of the perfume, buy a vial (small version) of the perfume, do not immediately buy a large size.

4. Using a perfume vial. Try using the perfume vial that you have bought for a few days and ask the people closest to you, especially women. If most like and praise your chosen perfume, then buy the perfume in large sizes.

Store Perfume   Michaelkors Outlet

After buying perfume, we often ignore in terms of storage. In fact, the way you store perfume can determine the contents of perfume and the aroma resistance. There are several things to consider in storing perfume, which are as follows:

1. Store perfume in a cool, dry place. Do not put perfume in a place exposed to sunlight. Because heat and sunlight can damage the liquid inside.

2. Close again and put it in the original box. After use, close the perfume bottle again, if necessary, put it in the original box. This is done to prevent the perfume from quickly evaporating. You certainly do not want a favorite perfume that has been bought with expensive, but only for a few times usage.

3. Store perfume in a box when traveling. If you travel a lot out of town by plane, save the perfume that you will carry in a box or airtight place. Because when on the plane, high and changing air pressure can cause the contents of the perfume to evaporate quickly.

Wear perfume  

In wearing perfume is not just any spray to the part you like, especially to your clothes. There are several things you need to know:

1. Wear perfume in accordance with the event to be attended. There are differences fragrances for different occasions. It is important for you to have several kinds of perfumes with different scents. Perfumes with mild and fresh aromas are suitable to wear during the day, while perfumes with strong or slightly pungent aromas can be worn at night.

2. Spray perfume on the body, not clothes. Spray perfume on the pulse points of your body parts such as your inner wrist, behind your ears, neck or elbows in your arms. This body part is a part of the body that contains heat. Perfume liquid mixed with oil and body heat will produce an optimal aroma and last a long time.

3. Wear perfume to taste. In using perfume, you should just spray 2-3 times. If other people who are more than 2 meters away can smell your perfume, you are wearing too much.

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