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Sports have now become a daily routine as well as a lifestyle that is often lived by many people. One type of sport that is being loved right now is cycling. Relaxing cycling while car free day is certainly very fun. Apart from keeping your body in shape, this moment can also be a place to highlight trendy and contemporary OOTD with friends.

It is common knowledge, those who are sensitive to fashion will always want to look cool anywhere, including when cycling casually. Especially for women who like bicycles or bikers, don’t want to ride with just a t-shirt and training pants, right? Besides having to maintain safety and comfort, you also definitely want to look stylish and fashionable when cycling casually. For that, here are some inspirations for trendy and contemporary cycling outfits that you can inspire in choosing a cool cycling outfit. Come on, guys!

  1. Ready for bike shorts and sweatshirts

So for those of you who really want to ride a bike for exercise, then you can use bike shorts combined with a sweatshirt. This outfit will make your movements when cycling more freely and comfortable while still showing a fashionable side to your appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Look sporty with a training jacket and short pants

The name is cycling, you can choose a sporty style for this one activity. You can do this by combining a white T-shirt with black short pants. Then combined with the output in the form of a sporty training jacket. The use of a sneaker and a cap hat will also maximize your sporty appearance.

3. Simple cycling outfit

So for those of you who are really like a hobby. So it is compulsory for you to have an outfit specifically for cycling. You can choose the simple type of cycling outfit with soft colors as shown above. Don’t forget to use a helmet so that your appearance is more totality.

4. Minimalist sporty for hijaber

For those of you who wear hijab, actually choosing clothes that are right for exercise such as cycling is an easy thing to do. To be able to look trendy and up-to-date, you can combine training pants with a hoodie, then use a plain hijab. Avoid using too many colors so as not to look tacky and excessive.

5. Look fashionable with monochrom looks

Monochrom color is indeed able to give a fashionable and minimalist impression to your appearance, you can look fashionable by using a monochrom colored outfit when cycling. You can choose a top in the form of a shirt in black and white and mix it with black short pants. For sneaker, you can choose white color which gives a casual impression. You can also add a cap hat for maximum appearance.

6. Casual chic with training pants and beanie hat

For those of you who don’t like to be complicated, you can also look casual chic with training pants combined with a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee. To give a more attractive impression, you can use a trendy beanie hat.

7. Short sleeve cycling skinsuit white

For a comfortable cycling experience you can use the cycling skinsuit, which is a special tight outfit for cycling. Choose a model with short sleeves and tight shorts. In addition, to give a bright impression, you can choose a white color sweetened with flower prints. Tas Branded

8. Stunning pink touch for cycling

For those of you who like pink, you can use a cycling jersey and pink socks. This color will give a sweet and girly impression to your appearance. Bicycling can make you look charming. Sepatu Branded

9. Long sleeve cycling jersey with beautiful gradient colors

If you don’t usually wear tight shorts, you can replace them with leggings or cycling tights. Choose black because it’s neutral and easy to match with any colored top. One of them is a long sleeve cycling jersey with a beautiful gradient color.

10. Look fresh with the short sleeve cycling jersey in pastel blue

Even though you sweat, while cycling, you can always look fresh by using a pastel blue short sleeve cycling jersey combined with a black tight short. Your appearance will be maximized by wearing socks that match the jersey you are wearing.

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