Inspiration for a trendy and contemporary cycling outfit – ii

11. Look flawless with a yellow cycling jersey

A plain yellow cycling jersey can also be the right choice for a minimalist and comfortable cycling outfit. Yellow combined with black will look flawless and more modern. Your bicycle outfit will also look more contemporary.

12. Look trendy with matching jersey and blue headband

Jersey matching with socks is common, this time you can use a headband that matches the jersey you are wearing. Choose a bright color so you can look fresh even when you sweat. Michaelkors Outlet

13. Black cycling outfit with flower print

Black color is indeed the choice of many people because it can make the body look slimmer. Likewise with cycling outfits. But to avoid a monotonous impression on your appearance, you can choose a black cycling outfit with beautiful flower prints. Not only on the jersey, but also on the cycling tight to the headband you will use.

triathlon suit
triathlon suit

14. Simple charming with a triathlon suit monochrom look

So for those of you who are not afraid of the sun, then you can use a sleeveless triathlon suit that looks both sexy and super sporty. Choose white with black accents, then mix it with black tight shorts. Also complete the appearance with a white cycling helmet. That way you can get a charming monochrom look.

15. Look cool in the owl black cycling jersey

The next trendy and contemporary bicycle outfit inspiration is to use an owl print cycling jersey that looks cool. Pair it with a tight short for an effortlessly stylish look.

16. Look bright with a colorful short sleeve cycling jersey

Bring a sense of joy while cycling by wearing a short sleeve cycling jersey with colorful stripes. Just mix it with plain black tight short so you will look brighter and more trendy. Tas Branded

17. Look minimalistic with the all white cycling outfit

Don’t like things that are too crowded? You can use a white cycling outfit from top to bottom. White color will give a minimalist and elegant appearance to your appearance.

18. Look fashionable with a combination of red and black

Then you can try combining red with black for a bolder appearance. You can wear a red jersey and cycling tights or black leggings. Avoid adding other colors so that your appearance doesn’t look crowded.

19. Look trendy with a black and purple outfit

Purple is also one of the colors that looks cool when combined with black. You can use a combination of these two colors for your trendy and contemporary cycling outfit.

20. Cycling outfit for hijaber

One more cycling outfit that you can use as inspiration, especially for those of you who wear hijab, is to use a layered outfit. For basic clothes, you can use hijab, tops to plain black subordinates that fit your body. Then mix it with a yellow or gold sportswear crop top that looks cute. That way, those of you who are hijab can ride comfortably while also being more fashionable. Sepatu Branded

So, those are some of the inspiration for trendy and contemporary cycling outfits that you can try while cycling casually with friends. I hope this helps!

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