Bomber jacket is arguably one of the most coveted fashion items this year. Especially with our president, Mr. Joko Widodo, who was recorded wearing a classic bomber jacket in khaki green when making a speech some time ago. Since then, the charm of bomber jackets increasingly popular in Indonesia. Although the popularity of bomber jackets is rising, very few know the origin of bomber jackets. Therefore, Mister will invite you to get to know better about bomber jackets through the following 4 interesting facts! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Starting from Military Needs

Bomber jackets were originally designed for military needs during world war. In the past, most of the cockpit on the plane was not closed so the pilots were often exposed to very cold temperatures. As a result they need a jacket to warm themselves when flying without restricting their movements.

During the first world war the bomber jacket was made of leather with an inner lining and a fleece collar, but with the presence of jets the pilots could fly higher than sea level and be exposed to cooler temperatures, whereas leather was very susceptible to rain and sweat. will freeze if exposed to cold air.

With the new jet aircraft innovation, the aircraft cockpit is smaller, closed, and has a heater in it. The thick leather jacket was no longer needed and finally in 1949 they switched to a lighter model, the MA-1, the bomber jacket that we now know.

2. Decoration & Color Bomber Jacket

Today, there are many shops that sell decorative patches to be installed on bomber jackets. There’s even a bomber jacket that is sold with a decorative patch on the design. It turns out that this is nothing new because bomber jackets from the world war era have often been decorated by fighter pilots with patches that mark their military bases, their troops, rankings, number of missions they have completed, and others. But now, decorating bomber jackets as they please the fighter pilots is no longer allowed by the US Air Force / Navy. Fortunately, for those of you who don’t work in the military, you can freely express your bomber jacket with decorative patches, embroidery, or paintings! Also read the 3 bomber jacket styles as your inspiration. Tas Branded

The color of the bomber jacket was initially only available in navy blue, but eventually they produced bomber jackets in khaki green to make it easier for fighter pilots to camouflage between the grasses, if they fell from planes or landed in enemy areas.

3. Popular through subcultures

The bomber jacket was originally produced specifically for the US Air Force and US Navy fighter pilots by Dobbs Industries. However, bomber jackets began to appear in Europe in the late 1950s and were sold through government surplus stores, thrift stores and black markets.

In 1963, a branch of Dobbs eventually became Alpha Industries, and they received a military contract to produce bomber jackets. That’s when more and more bomber jackets were sent to Europe and Australia because Alpha Industries started exporting them to the European Air Force and commercial customers. At the same time, a number of important subculture movements such as skinheads, mods, etc. began to appear all over the world, eventually using bomber jackets obtained from thrift stores, and making it an integral part of their uniforms for the next few decades.

In the 1990s, bomber jackets began to appear again among young people dressed in grunge / alternative because it was a trend to buy vintage items or thrifting. Bomber jackets were often combined with plaid shirts, stonewashed jeans, and doc martens shoes. In the 2000s, bomber jackets began to be seen worn by skateboarders and surfers, which eventually gave birth to a streetwear style and managed to attract the attention of young people from all walks of life.

4. The “Kanye Effect”

Kanye West has an amazing effect! When Kanye was seen wearing a customized MA-1 bomber jacket from Alpha Industries with the words YEEZUS TOUR and selling it as a tour merchandise, Alpha Industries experienced a 30% increase in their sales. Because of Kanye’s merchandise tour, many fast fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, and Topman started to sell models of bomber jackets that were similar to Alpha Industries’s MA-1 type bomber jacket. As a result, bomber jackets became available for the period and customers were given the convenience to be able to follow the Kanye West streetwear style by wearing a bomber jacket similar to Kanye’s even though it was low on a budget. Sepatu Branded

That’s all the facts about bomber jackets.

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