4 important men’s accessories that will make you look neat like a real man! Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Pocket Square

Pocket Square is basically a box-shaped handkerchief that is usually tucked in a beautifully folded shirt pocket or suit. Pocket square became famous in the Renaissance and King Richard II of England made it even more popular. In those days, pocket square was used not only as a man’s accessory but also as a symbol of a man’s politeness. For example in ancient times if a woman accidentally spilled something about herself or sneezed, as polite men they would reach their pockets and secretly offer a handkerchief in their pockets.

In general, handkerchiefs made from silk, linen, or pure cotton that makes the price expensive, but over time, the price of pocket squares more affordable and more choices of material. Check out Houseofcuff Pocket Square below so that your gentleman’s aura will shine more!

2. Bow Tie

Bow ties have become mandatory accessories for men since the mid of 1880. Initially, bow ties were only used for formal occasions, but over time these men’s accessories began to be worn for daily use by men. This can be seen among foreign celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, and Johnny Depp. Tas Branded

Interesting facts about bow ties are that they are of two types, some of which you immediately use like Houseofcuff Blue Dark Bow Tie and there are also those that you can knot yourself as you wish such as Houseofcuff Ascot / Cravat Tie Maroon. Bow ties can also be a kind of accessory statement! A bow tie with a unique color or pattern will exude a pleasant personality, while a silk bow tie with classic colors such as navy blue, black, gray and red will give the impression that you are a smart and trusted person! If you want to look like a genius man, get the bow ties product immediately below!


3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are useful as a substitute for buttons on the cuffs of your shirt sleeves and serve to tighten your shirt cuffs. Cufflinks are arguably men’s jewelry because cufflinks are usually made of expensive materials such as precious stones, pearls, diamonds, and gold. In the past, cufflinks were often used for formal and semiformal events, but now cufflinks are commonly seen everyday to give different accents to men’s shirts and at the same time become accessories that exude a man’s personality.

For formal or semiformal events you can use the classic cufflinks design such as Houseofcuff Cufflinks Circle Sun Black. If you want to wear cufflinks for everyday try to use unique design cufflinks like Houseofcuff Cufflinks Silver Pacman Cufflinks. By using cufflinks, your shirt cuffs won’t be boring anymore! But make no mistake, cufflinks can only be worn with French cuff model shirts. To find out more about French cuff and cufflins shirts, check out the following article. Sepatu Branded

4. Collar Bars

If you are a lover of movies or TV series whose settings are in the 1920-1930s era such as The Great Gatsby or Boardwalk Empire, surely you are familiar with the collar bar because men in that era always used the collar bar to look neater. The collar bar helps to highlight the tie and close the shirt collar.

How to wear these men’s accessories is very easy; First of all, make sure the front of your collar has a special hole to slip the collar bar, if there is, you can continue to use the collar bar of your choice by opening one of the collar bar covers and inserting your collar bar into a special collar bar hole; lift your tie slightly and connect your collar bar to the other special hole and close your collar bar again. Use the Houseofcuff Collar Bar Round Gold so that you don’t worry that your tie is tilted or your collar isn’t aligned because the collar bar will help tidy it all up.

So if you have an important event where you need to look neat in the near future, don’t forget to wear 4 accessories to radiate your gentleman’s side.

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