Knowledge of Watch Machines

How many types of watch machines are there? how come the price of rolex is so expensive? Why is the price of Casio so cheap? Is it really as complicated as a watch machine?

Actually the type of machine from a watch can be divided into 2 based on its movers, namely Mechanical and Quartz movement.

1. Mechanical Movement

This type of movement is a type of movement that has all mechanical energy, or means that there is no energy source in the form of batteries, such as quartz watches. This type of movement is most often used in luxury watches, other than because of the high level of difficulty, watches that use this movement also have a much higher artistic value, because of the complexity and arrangement of the engine complications in this movement. That is also the reason why the price of Mechanical Movement watches is very expensive, apart from that Movement of Brands like Phatek or Rolex is definitely the result of “hand made”. Furthermore, from mechanical movement, it is divided into 2 types, namely Manual Mechanical (manual-winding), and Automatic Mechanical (self-winding)

1.1 Mechanical Manual Michaelkors Outlet

Manual Mechanical means all-manual winding which means, the user must rotate the crown manually, until the mainspring starts moving and is enough to move the hands of this watch. Actually this type of mechanical manual is the oldest type of movement, and is still quite widely used for watches that fall into the luxury category. More or less the energy stored on a manual watch is enough for 1-day, but like the luminor panerai 1950 gmt, the energy stored is enough for 8-10 days.

1.2 Automatic Mechanical

What distinguishes Automatic from Mechanical Movement is, there is a rotor shaped like a semicircular knife whose job is to produce enough power to rotate the main spring and other components. This rotor can rotate itself when used everyday, so Automatic Mechanical users do not have to bother to turn the crown of their watches to get enough energy.

2. Quartz movement

Quartz movement was first introduced in the 1970s, one of the pioneers of watch companies that produced watches at low prices by utilizing this quartz movement was Casio. This period is also dubbed the quartz crisis, where watches that were originally luxury goods, can now be obtained at prices that are quite cheap and can be made in mass production. The power source of the quartz watch is none other than the watch battery itself that we often see. Well-known movements of the quartz type include Miyota (Japan) and Eta (Switzerland). In addition, the types of watches that use Quartz Movement are the most widely circulated on the market, in addition to being cheap, the users also do not need to worry if there is damage, because it is definitely the price of the components of this movement is cheaper than the mechanical watch.

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