Like to Wear a Black Shirt? Here Are 4 Ways To Take Care Of So That The Color Does Not Fade

How do you wash your black shirt so it doesn’t fade quickly? It’s annoying if our favorite black t-shirts fade or fade in color. Just like a white shirt that turns to ivory or yellow. But there are ways to make our shirts look solid black. You only need to follow the 4 steps to keep these black clothes so that they last longer and don’t fade quickly. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Separate black with other colors when washing

Separating colors does not only apply to white clothes, you know. Black clothes should also be separated so that the color does not fade quickly. Mixing it with a lighter color can increase the risk of discoloration. However, because black is quite thick, the effect will not immediately look like white clothing. So, if you want to wash the black shirt, separate it from the other laundry.

2. Clothes reversed when drying

Why does your clothes have to be dried upside down? It turns out that the sun can also fade the color of clothes. The heat of the sun can make the water evaporate and even dye clothes that dissolve in it. So, drying it upside down can guarantee that the color of the front of the shirt will not be affected. If you want to be safer, hang clothes where the sun doesn’t attack directly. Let your shirt be dried with just the wind. Tas Branded

3. Wash with cold water

If you wash clothes using a washing machine that is already sophisticated, this is not a problem. You should pay attention to the features provided by your washing machine. There is a part of the temperature that you can adjust because washing one clothes with another clothing has different rules. It’s best for black shirts that you don’t wash with too much water. Warm water or hot water can damage the color of clothes. If you are looking for the ideal temperature for a black shirt, the number is around 15-27 degrees. So avoid washing with warm water.  

4. Don’t wash too much or too often

This is not the reason you can be dirty! Does not mean your shirt was not washed at all. Reducing the intensity of washing clothes only. Wear your black shirt two to three times before washing it again. Then, don’t soak it in detergent or deodorizer for too long. The chemicals in it might make your black shirt fade. So wash it for a while and then dry in the sun. Sepatu Branded

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