Look Different With Temporary Tattoos!

We certainly have known tattoos for a long time. Yup, tattoos are the art of decorating limbs in the form of images, symbols or writing drawn on the skin surface of the body of the desired person. Apparently tattoos have been around for thousands of years, you know! Not just pictures, symbols or writing, but usually tattoos have their own meaning or meaning for the owner. No wonder if the tattoo is called as one of the works of art. Many people, especially teenagers are interested in making tattoos to experiment with their appearance or just for style, because tattoos have a special attraction for the eyes of the beholder.

As we know, there are 2 types of tattoos, namely permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos. However, the type of tattoo that is most popular is the type of temporary tattoos, although temporary, the results of temporary tattoos resemble permanent tattoos. In addition, for those who are interested in using temporary tattoos, there is no need to worry about having to bear the pain in the skin obtained like a permanent tattoo.

Temporary tattoos itself has a variety of types that can be tailored to the user. Curious? Let us look one by one.

  • Stick On Tattoos

This type of temporary tattoo is the most popular, especially among young people because of the easy way to use it by simply wetting the back of the paper with water and can be removed at any time. This type of tattoo is also easily available and a wide selection of images is available.

  • Airbrush tattoos

This tattoo has a longer endurance than other types of temporary tattoos and the results of this airbrush tattoo has a more tangible appearance without causing damage to the skin. This tattoo is made by placing a stencil for the skin and inserting tattoo ink with an airbrush.

Body painting is the art of expertise in body painting using paint and airbrush. The picture will be painted on the body like a painter painting on canvas so that the results of body painting will look like a painting on someone’s body. For those who want to look brave and quirky, you can try this type of tattoo.

  • Henna tattoos

This tattoo uses natural ingredients namely henna plants commonly used for cosmetic needs, and therefore very safe to use. Henna tattoos are usually used by brides, usually Arab and Indian, with pictures of beautiful carved patterns.

Well, there are several types of temporary tattoos available. So, who want to look different and interested in decorating the body, it never hurts to try this temporary tattoo.

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