Look good on Eid Al-Fitr? Follow these 3 Men’s Fashion

Soon Eid al-Fitr, which is highly anticipated by Muslims in all parts of the world, will soon arrive. One way that is often done by people to welcome the arrival of the day is fit to prepare clothes to wear when Eid. Buying new clothes is considered like a tradition in Indonesia. Not to dissipate but as gratitude and enthusiasm to pursue a new page, back to nature. Interestingly, the style of dress at the time of Eid al-Fitr is not only owned by women because men today do not want to look fashionable and different.

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Mix and Match Men’s Fashion

In contrast to women’s fashion which has many types and choices, men’s fashion seems simpler by choosing almost the same clothing model. However, you do not need to worry because the article is to maximize the appearance and not create the same impression that only requires the right combination of superiors and subordinates.

Fortunately, you do not need to spend, you can mix and match old clothes if your financial condition is not possible. Well, about how do you look good on the holidays? Here are the tips!

  • Long Shirt + Chino Pants

Want to look casual, but still stylish? Just pair your long shirt top with khaki pants. Can also be replaced with a shirt top plus a sweater. Don’t forget shoes and a few accessories like belts and watches to make you look even more charming! This style can be used when gathering with friends on holiday or just the closest family event and also outings. Sepatu Branded

  • Koko Shirt + Jeans

Want to look rather formal but still stylish? Match the koko shirt with the jeans you have. Infinite koko clothes that are only short-sleeved or without a plain alias motif, you can choose koko with simple embroidery motifs, line motifs or color gradations. Your appearance is guaranteed to be fashionable without reducing the religious impression. This style can be used in various situations. Tas Branded

  • Batik Shirt + Fabric Pants

With a solid match batik and cloth pants, you will appear more formal. This outfit is very appropriate if used in halal bihalal events, large family events at Eid or open house. Although it looks formal, but you can still look stylish with the right selection of batik motifs. It is advisable to choose muted colors with simple motifs. Don’t forget your hair style is also adjusted, guaranteed you will look charming and more mature plus manly!

Well, those are some variations of clothing that you can try when Eid later. Indeed, it looks very trivial, but if the clothes are not combined with the slick look of your appearance instead of captivating but it looks chaotic and looks less tidy. Ready to try?

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