Looks Cool When Wearing Cargo Pants

One does not know yet that cargo pants were used by military soldiers. The cargo material is thick, and comfortable and has a characteristic that is, it has pockets on the right and left side as well as carrying lots of goods or food when used in field activities in nature by the military. After that, it starts to develop into pants that are worn by nature lovers who often go up the mountain.

Besides cargo pants used to be only sold specifically for the military. However, more and more outdoor pants brands are popularizing these cargo pants. Formerly cargo pants only have the same model and monotonous, but currently the cargo model has various versions. Now cargo is no less cool than jeans or joggers to wear when you hang out. But back again depends on how you mix and practice it. So that you look more cool and don’t look outdated when using cargo, a few ways to mix and act the cargo so you look present. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Perform in a Casual Style

Because these pants have a lot of detail pockets, so there are still many men who are confused how to combine these pants to look cool. Detail katong on cargo sometimes makes some men think, not to wear these pants with a boss who has a busy motive. So you are not confused, try wearing cargo pants then mix it with a patterned shirt and add a cardigan or jeans jacket and don’t forget to wear your favorite shoes or sandals, this style is suitable for you to wear when you want to hang out with your friends.

2. Perform in a sporty style

Cargo pants with baggy models are no longer an era. Now the cargo model that many men are interested in is a cargo with a size that is more fitting to the size of the foot, but not like skinny jeans, besides that this latest model has detailed rubber on the ankles similar to jogger pants. For a sporty style with cargo pants, try to combine Sleeveless tops with cargo plus sports shoes or boots, besides that you can also choose to wear a t-shirt and then combine it with a jacket, you can wear a jacket or tie your waist . Tas Branded

3. Perform in a semi-formal style

Who says cargo is not suitable for going to work. If your office includes an office that frees its employees in dressing, then it doesn’t hurt you to look different by wearing a cargo. The trick is also really simple, just mix the cargo with a shirt or a shirt lined with sweaters and then for the output try wearing a blazer that matches the color of your shirt, remember to choose cargo pants with a piece that fits better on your feet, Mister recommends you to choose pants with a plain end , but not like jogger pants.

4. Perform in a formal style

Hmm, have you ever thought that cargo pants combined with a jacket or a blazer and tie are suitable or not? And it turned out to be just suitable! The key, combine the colors that are not excessive and make sure your cargo and blazers are in the same proportion. Choose a long-sleeved shirt, with a tie in blue or red stripe, then wear pants that are the right size for your feet, not grumble, then complete your appearance by wearing shoes.

5. Looks Like a Mountain Boy

The first impression that is captured by women when they see you wearing cargo pants is that you are an adventurous man, who looks like a mountain boy. It could be because cargo pants are indeed made for such activities. Well, to get the impression you are a mountain boy, you can pair these pants with a parka jacket in contrasting colors. For example, combining your pants with a parka jacket for yourself you can choose to use a shirt or shirt. Sepatu Branded

Of the five ways to mix and match above, which one are you interested in?

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